KODIAK — Two Kodiak locals and one moments in history are on the list of dozens as the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame named its candidates for the athletic honor.

For the “people” category, Kodiak is represented by Joe Floyd and Kristi (Klinnert) Waythomas, while the 2001 Kodiak High School basketball championship win fills the “moments category.” 

The overall categories include “people,” “moments in history” and “events.”

Floyd is described by the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame as “the architect of the Kodiak High School athletic department beginning in 1955,” a role in which “he played an integral role in establishing every sport at the school, and he coached most of them.” He was inducted into the Alaska Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2002 and the Alaska High School Hall of Fame in 2007.

The Sports Hall of Fame called Waythomas one of the greatest runners in Alaska history who never lost a cross country race in high school. She was named the 1986 Alaska Sportsperson of the Year, became a three-time NCAA Division I All-American at Northern Arizona University (setting conference and school records in the 10K in the process. She later qualified for the Olympic Trials for marathon and 10K events, and won a bronze medal in the marathon in 1995.

For the win at the Boys Basketball State Championship game in 2001, the Sports Hall of Fame noted “the Kodiak Bears and head coach Amy Rakers scored a storybook win over perennial powerhouse East 55-52 in the Class 4A state title game.” The team was “anchored by seven-foot center Nick Billings” and noted that Rakers, in her second year as coach, “guided her team back from a 10-point deficit in the third quarter to cap an undefeated season for Kodiak’s first state title in more than 30 years.”

Voting is done online at bit.ly/2PCNJTS. Those wanting to vote must provide an email address to receive a ballot. A full list of candidates is also available online.

Voters will have the option to rank up to five people, three moments and three events. The accumulative general public vote will be the equivalent to one made by selection panel members. Voters can write-in a candidate.

Selection panel members meet annually to complete their ballots, where they must first review public results and comments before making their own votes of 10 people, five moments and five events. The selection panel includes former Kodiak High School athletic director Kathleen Navarre.

Founded in 2006, the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame aims to teach Alaskans and visitors about the state’s sports and the people, moments and events “that brought positive distinction to the state.” It also honors and preserves those memories and aims to inspire a healthy youth population “that will inspire children to strive for success in their own lives.”

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