KODIAK — A record number of Kodiakans earned their Thanksgiving dinner Thursday when a rafter of runners launched from the start line for the 2018 Turkey Trot Fun Run hosted at the Kodiak Teen Center.

According to Jennifer Foster, one of the event coordinators, a record number of 171 people participated in the event, whether it was walking or running.

The large group was treated to a clear, brisk, sunny morning as they ran the course from the Teen Center on Cedar St., down across Marine Way and up parts of Rezanof Drive before ending back at the Teen Center.

Youji Seto finished the Turkey Trot in first place overall and as the first high school-aged male with a time of 18:03. Julie Brown finished as both the first female overall and adult female with a time of 20:20.

Results were posted on the Kodiak XC Facebook group.

For girls in 5th grade and younger, the first four runners were Maggie Hubert (27:54), Haiden Holforty (28:42), Charlotte Deemer (29:01) and Zoey Zimmerman (30:11).

For boys in 5th grade and younger the first four runners were Kevin Foster (25:20), Peyton Arndt (25:49), Michael Mcarthy (28:14) and Maddox Deemer (28:49).

With girls in the middle school category, Kailani Gilbert finished first with a time of 27:08, followed by Elizabeth Parnell (27:09). Hannah Mcarthy (27:54) and Cassidy Foster (29:19).

For middle school boys, Tyler Holforty finished first with a time of 24:07, followed by Max Robinson (25:50), Connor Burnside (27:21) and Miles Grimes (30:48).

For the high school girls category, Katie Parnell crossed the finish line first with a time of 29:38, followed closely behind by Wetherleigh Griffin (29:38), Francie Eufemio (29:38) and Morgan Yatsik (42:72).

For the high school boys, Youji Seto finished with a time of 18:02, followed by Paul Winegaart (18:23), Micah Fields (19:27) and Josiah Overbeek (21:20).

In the adult females category, Julie Brown finished first at 20:20, followed by Arielle Himmellbloom (21:26), Janelle Solinger (23:28) and Lindsy Glenn (25:10).

Bradley Pigage finished first in the adult male category with a time of 18:54, followed by Chaven Davidson (19:24), Stephen Parnell (20:04) and Beau Belanger (22:03).

In the masters females category, Janna Lacroix ended first with a time of 26:23, followed by Libby Eufemio (28:46), Darlene Rounsaville (29:17) and Darlene Rounsaville (29:17).

For master males, Dale Nelson finished first with a time of 21:36, followed in second by Russel Grimes (22:27), Mario Alvarez (25:20) and Jerry Borshard (27:29).

For the seniors females category, Mary Ann Kondro ended first with a time of 27:54, followed by  Marilyn Davidson (35:31), Kim Davidson (35:70) and Peggy Rauwolf (51:69).

For senior males, Howard Valley finished first with a time of 25:20 and John Rauwolf with a time of 50:91.

Winners of each age group went home with a pie, which were donated by community members. All proceeds from the event will go to the Kodiak cross country team.


Youth Girls Ages 5th grade and younger

Maggie Hubert 27:54

Haiden Holforty 28:42

Charlotte Deemer 29:01

Zoey Zimmerman 30:11

Robyn Peters 30:58


Kailyn Corder 36:09

Kaylin Burnside 39:60

Delaney Glenn 39:99

Lindy Glenn 40:38

Isla Brown 41:16

Aviella Hietala 47:01

Addisyn Choate 48:96

Grace Choate 54:03

Leah Flerchinger 54:00


Youth Boys Ages 5th grade and younger

Kevin Foster 25:20

Peyton Arndt 25:49

Michael Mcarthy 28:14

Maddox Deemer 28:49

Evan Brown 34:92

River Zimmerman 37:26

Max Sanford 45:06

Noa Kamai 45:45

Jacob Sanford 45:84

Jordan Flerchinger 64:25


Middle School Girls 6th – 8th Grades

Kailani Gilbert 27:08

Elizabeth Parnell 27:09

Hannah Mcarthy 27:54

Cassidy Foster 29:19

Janie Eufemio 29:37

Reagan Deemer 30:57

Bella Kamai 32:13

Abby Flerchinger 53:64


Middle School Boys 6th – 8th Grades

Tyler Holforty 24:07

Max Robinson 25:50

Connor Burnside 27:21

Miles Grimes 30:48

Jarryn Choate 38:43

Jon Flerchinger 48:18

Daniel Choate 48:57


High School Girls 9th – 12th Grades

Katie Parnell 29:38

Wetherleigh Griffin 29:38

Francie Eufemio 29:38

Morgan Yatsik 42:72

Ester Flerchinger 44:28

Loran Mayberry 46:62


High School Boys 9th – 12th Grades

Youji Seto 18:02

Paul Winegaart 18:23

Micah Fields 19:27

Josiah Overbeek 21:20

Tristan Klier 22:02

Joshua Alonzo 22:24

Colt Hubert 22:30

Sam Burnside 27:19

Gabriel Nelson 29:18

Brian Himmelbloom 32:10

Landon Choate 38:04


Adult Females

Julie Brown 20:20

Arielle Himmellbloom21:26

Janelle Solinger 23:28

Lindsy Glenn 25:10

Natalia Horn 25:50

Alison Horn 25:50

Anna Zbitnoff 25:50

Michelle Belanger 26:47

Heather Abena 26:47

Kat Maker 27:30

Jessica Johnson 27:35

Kinsey Allen 27:43

Shannon Hamer 27:43

Lora Mullican 29:08

Kendra Nxqicholson 29:09

Trisha Krug 29:12

Sarah Morrison 29:13

Aubrie Davidson 29:39

Barbara Waskowiak 29:55

Dana Valladolid 30:01

Sue Zimmerman 30:02

Jessica Rauwolf 30:12

Anna Zbitnoff 30:49

Cindy Lysdahl 30:54

Anna Wheeler 32:14

Melissa Peters 32:17

Jennifer Skidmore 32:97

Kelsey Eggart 33:36

Haley Foreman 33:75

Barbara Brown 34:14

Amy Corder 36:48

Carrie Pigage 41:55

Michelle Mclure 41:94

Brittany Rauwolf 43:50

Lydia Flerchinger 49:74

April Choate 52:08

Faith Flerchinger 52:47


Adult Males 

Bradley Pigage 18:54

Chaven Davidson 19:24

Stephen Parnell 20:04

Beau Belanger 22:03

Chance Swords 22:14

Connor Whiteside 22:21

Robert Stauffer 23:28

Todd Anderson 24:26

Zac Brown 24:47

Yung Kiely 25:03

David Mclure 29:46

Trevor Brown 34:53

Brian Corder 36:87

Jeff Sanford 38:82

James Glenn 42:33

Jack Maker 43:89

Steve Cole 46:23

Derek Hietala 47:40

Nick Choate 49:35

Kevin Abena 50:13

Sean Rauwolf 50:52

Patrick Rauwolf 51:30

Eric Flerchinger 64:25


Masters Females

Janna Lacroix 26:23

Libby Eufemio 28:46

Darlene Rounsaville 29:17

Jessie Borshard 29:45

Sherry Anderson 31:02

Krystal burnside 39:21

Cheri Adams 40:77

Missi Yatsik 43:11

Marlow Schultz 47:79

Deb Engvall 52:86

Velma Vining 53:25


Masters Males

Dale Nelson 21:36

Russel Grimes 22:27

Mario Alvarez 25:20

Jerry Borshard 27:29

Jared Holforty 28:20

Steve Rounsaville 30:40

David Anderson 32:19

David Zimmerman 37:65


Seniors Females

Mary Ann Kondro 27:54

Marilyn Davidson 35:31

Kim Davidson 35:70

Peggy Rauwolf 51:69


Senior Male

Howard Valley 25:20

John Rauwolf 50:91



Tosha Simpler 22:31

Krista Simpler 22:35

Cami Mahoney 23:16

Sam Brown 23:28

Kathy Simpler 25:50

Bret Simpler 26:06

Stephanie Grimes 26:37

Simon Grimes 26:38

Sharon Horn 27:53

Jennifer Smith 27:53

Janella Kamai 29:03

Anika Creelman 31:51

Logan Creelman 32:06

Deidre Creelman 32:10

Yun Yang #N/A

Lilly Brown #N/A

Astrid Rose #N/A

Silas Rose #N/A

Juliana Millan #N/A

Anni Sanford #N/A

Asa Wheeler #N/A

Chris Wheeler #N/A

Brock Skidmore #N/A

Heather Corriere #N/A

Monica Claridge #N/A

Jennifer Parnell #N/A

Betsy Lund #N/A

Haakon Schroeder #N/A

Heather Hubert #N/A

Amanda Sanford #N/A


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