I had this week’s column figured out, that was until I forgot to cover the event. 

I swear, my mind is slipping the older I get. 

Weeks ago, on a late-night scroll through Facebook, I stumbled across a post on the Kodiak Animal Shelter page that was advertising a dog costume contest, a fundraiser for the Kodiak Women’s Resource Crisis Center.

BINGO. A perfect event for Gizmo and Pepper Jack.

With it being late and not wanting to get up to grab a notebook and not smart enough to make a note in the smartphone I was holding, I made a mental marker instead. 

Bad idea. I missed the event, which was last Saturday at Nemetz Gazebo. 

I was disappointed, but Gizmo was relieved — he is not one who likes to dress up for public events.  

After covering the Kodiak High School swimming meet against Homer Saturday morning, I returned to the Clarkston Zoo, took a seat in the recliner and vegged out on college football. 

I landed on the University of Montana game, hoping to catch a glimpse of Kodiak’s Kordell Pillans. Spotting an individual offensive lineman was like searching for Waldo.

Speaking of spotting, everybody in the Clarkston Zoo has their spot to sit — the pups have beds scattered throughout the apartment, while the humans have a reclining couch with a cupholder divider — I sit on the left and the lady human occupies the right. Those are the spots we picked when we got the sofa. 

Now, I find the lady human’s side more comfortable than mine, so I often occupy her spot until I get told to vacate. She needs to work on sharing — something I have perfected. 

I got home from work on Tuesday evening to find Gizmo enjoying my side of the recliner. Instead of giving him the boot — how could I do that to such a loveable face — I let him rest on the mountain of blankets that cover the recliner. 

The rule at the Zoo is if a pet claims a spot they get to remain there. Is it obvious the critters rule the roost?



Earlier this week, my sister, Kelly Clarkston, had a Japanese Chin on her talk show. 

The tan and white chin was with owner Rebecca McCrea, who spent her summer walking from Pennsylvania to California to raise money for Best Friends Animal Society.   

According to McCrea’s GoFundMe page, she decided to walk while watching “The Ellen Degeneres Show” with her chin Arnie. 

She raised $6,605 through her GoFundMe page.  



A week after posting a 5-0 record, I rolled in with a 3-2 mark. Gizmo also finished 3-2. 

My season record improved to 16-9, while Gizmo’s record pushed to 11-14. 




This is the ultimate trap game for Seattle The Browns just imploded on national television and return home to host the Seahawks. 

These two teams last met in 2011, which produced an ugly 6-3 Seattle win. 

Let’s hope this game provides more scoring. 

Clarkston: Seahawks

Gizmo: Browns




Patrick Mahomes looked human as Kansas City absorbed its first loss of the season last week. 

Houston — manly Will Fuller and Deshaun Watson — exploded for 53 points in last week’s thumping of Atlanta. 

The over/under for this game is 55 points. Yeah, give me the over. 

Clarkston: Chiefs

Gizmo: Chiefs




A pair of 3-2 teams will do battle in this key NFC battle in Minnesota. 

In a loaded NFC North Division, the Vikings need this game more. 

Clarkston: Vikings

Gizmo: Eagles




At 4-0, the 49ers are one of two undefeated teams left in the NFL — the Patriots are the other team. 

San Francisco’s rushing attack is lethal, but the Rams are too good to lose three games in a row. 

Clarkston: Rams

Gizmo: Rams



This week’s Monday Night Football game is a juicy one between NFC North rivals.

Even with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, the Packers are reliant on the run, which is strange to see. 

Both teams will stick to the ground in this game. 

Clarkston: Packers

Gizmo: Lions


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