Today marks an end of an era at the Kodiak Daily Mirror. 

The skipper of the ship is sailing away.

Sara Schaefer, the Mirror’s publisher for the past few years, is headed to Michigan with her Coast Guard husband. 

Tired of sleeping on air mattresses, the Schaefer family — daughter and dog — didn’t want to endure another few weeks of restless nights and are headed off The Rock on Saturday. 

After the news of the M/V Tustumena being moored until June 27 broke this week, she has spent her final days at the Mirror scrambling to hatch another plan to get off the island.

The powers to be — her bosses — secretly wished she remained at the Mirror while her husband finished out his Coast Guard duties in the Lower 48. A long-distance marriage was not in the cards, though. 

Skip — the moniker I appointed Sara when she took the wheel of the paper — started at the Mirror eight years ago in the advertising department.

After vacationing in the Lower 48 for several years, husband Schaefer transferred back to Kodiak. Skip jumped back on board at the Mirror and worked her from greenhorn to publisher. 

I’ve given her ridicule for being a fan of the New England Patriots, but I will never forget what she did for me in 2018 when my dad passed away. 

Not many bosses will let an employee take an extended — paid — leave, but she did. 

Because of my life as a summer baseball coach, I didn’t have enough vacation to cover my hiatus, but every time I checked in with Skip, she said to take as long as you need. I needed six weeks. 

You’ve heard of a players’ coach; Skip was an employees’ boss.

Recently, I created an imaginary top-10 list of my favorite co-workers at the Kodiak Daily Mirror. 

When Skip purchased an office ping-pong table, she bounced to No. 2 — I would be in the dog house if Lady Human weren’t at the top of the list.

The new publisher is a player to be named later, but that person has a lot to live up to — hopefully, my future boss is a fan of the Seahawks. 

Happy seas, Skip.  









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