Charles Elvin Evans

Charles Elvin Evans 

Charles “Chuck” Evans, a prominent Kodiak basketball official of the 1970s and 80s, died on Sept. 14. He was 89. 

Patrick Floyd — a Kodiak sports historian and son of Joe Floyd — said Evans officiated every “big-time high school game on the island.”

“He was legendary,” Floyd said. “He would ref those huge games.”

Watching Evans officiate was worth the price of admission. 

Floyd said Evans had an iconic traveling violation call. He would stop, hop on one foot while starting the travel signal, then point the other direction.

“Back then, Mr. Evans was the show,” Floyd said. “He would sell those calls and just absorb those boos from the Kodiak fans.”

According to Evans’ obituary that ran in the Sept. 21 issue of the Kodiak Daily Mirror, he officiated basketball for 20 years. 

“I always loved to watch my dad ref,” his daughter Cherie Simpson wrote in a post on the Kodiak Sports History group on Facebook. “He had a unique run ... always on his toes! I remember someone referring to my dad as the ‘twinkle bell ref.’”

Evans was a native of Mississippi and an Air Force veteran who served in the Korean War.

After being honorably discharged, he became an educator, holding jobs as a teacher, principal and superintendent. He taught science at Kodiak Middle School and was a commercial salmon fisherman  

“I see vividly, not only him roaming the halls of Kodiak Middle School, but those big games and the signature calls he made — I can see him right now at half-court making that travel call.” 

Evans also officiated city league basketball. 

“He was a kick in the pants with his energetic enthusiasm when he was referring basketball games. He’d jump so high in the air while blowing his whistle,” Tina Torrey wrote on Facebook. 

He retired from teaching in 1993 and moved to Oklahoma. 

Evans’ obituary said he passed away in his sleep on Sept. 14.

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