Orion’s Reverse Pillar Mountain Run

9 miles


1. Micah Fields, 1 hour, 4 minutes, 39 seconds; 2. Bengt Anderson, 1:21:28; 3. Simon Grimes, 1:32:57; 4. Russell Grimes, 1:32:57. 


1. Kathryn Symmes, 1:27:15; 2. Sue Zimmerman, 1:27:38; 3. Anna Zbitnoff, 1:35:11; 4. Mallory Arnold, 1:35:11; 5. Lindsey Glenn, 1:38:00; 5. Barb Waskowiak, 1:49:24; 7. Dana Valladolid, 1:49:24. 

Relay teams

1. Max Robinson/Elias Litzow/Angus Bruce, 1:07:56; 2. Miles Grimes/Benjamin Powers/John Stephen Powers, 1:17:55; 3. David Castro/Richmon Incognito/Elmar Barroga, 1:20:31; 4. Ashley Mortenson/Naomi Griffin/Abigail Harver, 1:25:53; 5. Lacey Harver/Christian Harver/ Casey Harver, 1:25:58. 

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