Jamie Schilbach, right, is congratulated by Jeff Good after winning the championship flight of the 2018 Kodiak Island Golf Championships at Bear Valley Golf Course. 

Jamie Schilbach has been golfing for six decades and last week he accomplished a first on the links. 

The Kodiak resident bagged his first hole-in-one on Wednesday at the Bear Valley Golf Course.

The ace came on the Par-3, 132-yard second hole and was witnessed by his golfing partners. 

“It looked like a good shot, but we couldn’t see the green from the tee,” he said. “My partner went and looked in the hole; I thought it was long.”

When his partner pulled a ball from the hole, Schilbach couldn’t believe his eyes. 

“Stunned,” he said. 

Schilbach used an eight iron to accomplish the rare feat. This was the first ace at Bear Valley since 2014 and the 48th hole-in-one recorded at the course since it opened in 1986.

He finished his round but with a different ball.

“I put it away,” Schilbach said. “I got everybody I was playing with to sign it and put a date on it.” 

Schilbach, who won the 2018 Kodiak Island Golf Championships, has been golfing for 62 years. 

“I’ve been close a few times but never made one,” he said. “We couldn’t see the ball go in the hole, so it was a blind hole-in-one.”    

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