Cody James — yes, we give middle names to our pets — was at it again Thursday.

On our morning walk through the Kodiak drizzle, Cody gobbled up two chicken bones, one gummy bear — I think it was a bear, but it could have been something else sticky — and one chocolate donut. 

Lady Human informed me that Cody had been eying the donut, which was on a trail near Walmart, for several days. 

Technically, he did not eat the donut. He carried it back to the Zoo and kept it in his mouth while getting doused with water in the after-walk bathing. 

He finally let loose of the stale treat, but only after I shut him in the bathroom. 

The second I opened the door, he streaked out on the hunt for Shadow Dawn — I warned you about the middle names. 

Pepper Jack Alfonso — a middle name that Lady Human gave him — was not amused by the antics as he patiently waited for his turn in the tub. 

Otis and Luna — they might have nicknames, but I’m not the most informed on the ferrets — were unfazed and remained asleep in their three-story mansion as Cody cornered Shadow on top of the dryer. 

This has become my life. Documenting every move of my pets and reporting it to you.

I am lucky to still be here on this page as newspapers around the country have sent sports reporters packing as a result of this pandemic we are in. 

I’m not going to lie; I have struggled to come up with story ideas and spend half my day playing ping-pong and golf on my phone. 

You might have noticed, I’ve developed two series to fill space on this page — Flashback Thursday and Senior Sendoff Friday. 

It’s been fun flipping through the Daily Mirror archives and catching up with seniors that I should have been covering this spring.

I have a connection with this week’s Senior Sendoff athlete, Gareth Jones. 

As Kodiak’s American Legion baseball coach, I’ve gotten to watch Jones grow as a person and player the past three years. 

Jones wasn’t gifted with elite athletic talent, but his 6-foot-5 frame was why I asked him to play summer ball after his freshman season. 

He rode a lot of pine his first two seasons, but last summer rose to a regular starter in the outfield. He went from barely hitting the ball to the shortstop to lacing line drives over the short stop’s head. 

For me, it was a thrill to see him get on base.

But my favorite Jones moment came in 2018 when we were hosting West Anchorage. 

The Eagles sent their ace — tall left-hander Leyland Wilson — to the mound to try to salvage a split of the league doubleheader.

When Wilson reached the 105-pitch limit, Jones, from inside the dugout, belted out “105” loud enough that his voice echoed throughout the park.

Luke James — our power-hitting right-hander — greeted the reliever with a two-run home run that gave us a late one-run lead. 

We ended up losing that game, 5-3, when Wilson — who just committed to play baseball at NCAA Division I University of Texas — blasted a walk-off, two-run home run in extra innings. 

We might not have live sports to watch at this time, but reliving past moments has sufficiently filled the void.   

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I've been enjoying the flashbacks, The Clarkston! Keep up the good work and keep your head down.

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