Kodiak’s girls swim team is putting its 13-meet home winning streak on the line tonight against defending state champion Service.

“Yes, we are,” Kodiak coach John Lindquist said.

Tonight’s meet begins at 6 p.m., while Saturday’s starts at 10:30 a.m.

The Bears finished second at state last season, 44 points behind the Cougars.

Both teams are nearly identical from last season as each squad only lost one senior.

“I want to bring in the best teams in the state to swim here,” Lindquist said. “My thought was if I’m at full strength, it should be a pretty close dual meet.”

However, Kodiak is not going to be at full strength.

Senior Laura Griffing, a three-time 100-yard breaststroke state champion, is on a recruiting trip to the University of Idaho, while Elyse Johnston is taking the SATs on Saturday.

Without the services of Griffing and Johnston, the Bears’ home winning streak that dates back to 2006 could be in jeopardy.

Kodiak won all six dual meets in their inaugural season at the Kodiak Community Swimming Pool last season.

“I think it is going to come down to how will our B relays do, how does that fourth, fifth, sixth race go,” Lindquist said.

Kodiak is undefeated on the year. The only team to beat them the past two years is Service.

The Cougars won three state titles from a year ago and come into this meet with swimmers sprinkled throughout the top 16 performance list of this season.

They are led by Margot Adams, Victoria Adams, Mary Uselmann and Jordan Iverson.

Service’s 200 medley relay and 200 freestyle relay teams are rated No. 1 in the state.

Likewise, Kodiak has five swimmers — Griffing, Jori Lindquist, Celeste Beck-Goodell, Johnston and Myra Scholze — who are ranked in multiple events.

“The whole idea is some of the best swimmers in the state are going to be here in this pool this weekend and that is exciting for our swim program,” Lindquist said.

Lindquist said this is the first time in at least eight years that Service is attending a meet outside of the Anchorage bowl.

Kodiak state-ranked swimmers


200 medley relay — 5. Kodiak, 1 minute, 54.94 seconds. 200 freestyle — 4. Jori Lindquist, 2:00.23; 13. Laura Griffing, 2:04.19. 200 individual medley — 14. Celeste Beck-Goodell, 2:19.10. 50 freestyle — 6. Jori Lindquist, 25:42; 10. Elyse Johnston, 25.80. 1-meter diving — 9. Sophie Hogen, 170.80 points. 100 butterfly — 14. Jori Lindquist, 1:03.10. 100 freestyle — 9. Jori Lindquist, 56.42. 500 freestyle — 3. Jori Lindquist, 5:23.55; 7. Celeste Beck-Goodell, 5:27.61. 200 freestyle relay — 4. Kodiak, 1:44.62. 100 backstroke — 5. Jori Lindquist, 1:00.97. 100 breaststroke — 4. Laura Griffing, 1:09.87; 7. Celeste Beck-Goodell, 1:11.78; 10. Myra Scholze, 1:12.06. 400 freestyle relay — 6. Kodiak, 3:52.25.


200 medley relay — 13. Kodiak, 1:52.31. 200 freestyle relay — 11. Nando Macinko, 1:53.72. 200 IM — 15. Carlton Burnside, 2:10.64. 50 freestyle — 3. Nando Macinko, 22.12. 100 freestyle — 8. Nando Macinko, 50.56. 500 freestyle — 8. Michael Smith, 5:14.25; 11. Brandon Schauff, 5:15.05. 200 freestyle relay — 5. Kodiak, 1:35.77. 100 backstroke — 1. Nando Macinko, 55.83. 400 freestyle relay — 6. Kodiak, 3:30.89.

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