Kodiak’s basketball squads did not qualify for the state tournament, but the team that cheered them on during the season did.

Kodiak High School’s cheerleading squad is participating in today’s ASAA/First National Bank Alaska 2012 State Cheerleading Competition at noon in South Anchorage High School.

“We hope to do really well,” first-year coach Ashley Chaney said. “I know we could do better if we had everybody participating that we started with. We have worked really hard and are hoping for the best. I know the girls are going to have fun.”

Kodiak’s state team includes 11 girls and one boy, which puts the Bears in the co-ed division for the state tournament.

The team will do a 150-second routine that includes stunts, cheers and two 60-second timeout cheer routines.

“Most of these girls, it’s their first year cheerleading and it’s going to be a tough competition,” Chaney said. “We don’t have a (gymnastics) gym here and it makes it hard for us to compete against places who have all that stuff.”

Kodiak does have two Northern Lights Conference first-team selections in Macie Rogers and Haley Jansky.

Rogers is a senior captain.

“She is a leader and the girls look up to her and she has been doing it all through high school,” Chaney said.

Jansky moved to Kodiak this year from Texas.

“She is a great cheerleader and for her to come in here and be that experienced has helped us out. She can help teach the girls. She is an all-around team player.”

Unfortunately, Jansky will not be competing at state due to an injury she suffered several weeks ago. She will travel, though.

“We had to redo a bunch of stuff, because she tumbles,” Chaney said.

The lone boy on the team is senior Alec Eastman, who joined the team midway through the season.

“Some of the girls talked him into it,” Chaney said. “We knew he could do flips. We are trying to talk him into going to school for cheerleading. He is good enough to get a scholarship.”

Chaney knows a thing or two about spotting talent. She grew up around cheerleading in Kentucky.

“Back in Kentucky, that is what you do before you even get potty trained,” she said. “You are out cheerleading in a diaper.”

Chaney met her husband, Bob, through cheerleading.

Bob coached Kodiak’s football cheerleading team and is helping his wife during the basketball season.

“I was kind of worried about us getting in a fight, but it has been pretty good,” Ashley said. “He has to listen to me.”

The rest of Kodiak’s state team includes Natalia Green, Kathryn Padong, Annie Nelson, Hailey Pate, Lexi Durham, Ronnie Siscar, Kimberly Ganancial, Brenda Castonguay and Stephanie Arian.

“They try and really have a good time and that is our main goal, for the girls to have fun,” Ashley said. “We want them to love cheerleading as much as we do.”

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