Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park is rich with cross country history. 

Some of Alaska’s best runners have attacked the grueling 5-kilometer course that features hills, trails and ocean views.  

West Valley’s Kendall Kramer has added her name to that list. 

The senior star laid down a sparkling winning time of 18 minutes, 34.1 seconds — the second-fastest time ever produced by a girl runner at The Fort — at the Kodiak Invitational on Friday. 

Kramer’s time trails only Kenai’s Allie Ostrander’s mark of 17:34, set in 2014. She was nine seconds faster than Kodiak’s Kristi Klinnert (1986) and 20 ticks quicker than Olympic skier and East grad Kikkan Randall (1998).

Kodiak second-year coach Ashley Mortenson left the park impressed with Kramer’s historic feat. She is only the fourth girl to turn a time under 19 minutes at Abercrombie. 

“Kendall has definitely established herself as an elite female runner and skier, but it is cool to have our best Alaskan athletes come out to Kodiak to establish themselves on that list,” Mortenson said. “It is becoming a little bit of a notch in your belt as an Alaskan runner.”

Friday was Kramer’s first 5-kilometer race of the cross country season and first trip to the Emerald Isle. 

The two-time defending Division I state champion made a laborious course look easy, topping runner-up and teammate Maggie Druckenmiller by 2:20. 

Longtime West Valley coach Dan Callahan said Kramer has the ablity to run fast times even without being challenged, which is often the case when she competes in Alaska — on trails, skis or the track.   

“It is a gift for me as a coach to have somebody like that,” Callahan said. “She takes care of herself, she is always healthy and approaches competition really maturely. I was not surprised to see what she did.”

Kramer, who has not lost a race at the state track meet during her prep career, rated the difficulty of the Abercrombie course an eight out of 10. She was hoping to dip under 18 minutes but realized that is unchartered territory for Abercrombie. 

“This was a very interesting course, and it was tolerable because you had things to think about the entire time,” said Kramer, who has not decided what college she will be running at next fall. “The downhills were extreme and jolted me a bit.”

She said she had to slow down during the trail portion of the course in order not to trip on a root. 

“I don’t know if I want to do it again just because of the downhills — I would want to do the root section again,” she said. 

Callahan said Kramer gets her strength from her Nordic skiing background — she won last year’s Division I state title and in 2016 competed with the United States ski team at a World Cup event in Quebec City, Canada.

“In the offseason, she is on roller skis, and that is where she gets the long background stuff,” Callahan said. “She has a huge motor, and that comes from doing that for three hours.” 

West Valley grabbed the top three spots on Friday to claim the team title with 20 points. Kodiak placed second with 52 points, three points ahead of Dimond. 

The Bears were paced by a fourth-place finish from freshman Elizabeth Parnell (22:52.7). Naomi Griffin was seventh (23:13.5), Hallee Blair 11th (23:32), Francie Eufemio 13th (23:33.1) and Carly Glover 17th (24:24.7). 

“They have been training together a lot and are inspired by each other,” Mortenson said. 

The coach was thrilled to have edged out Dimond, a bigger school from the Cook Inlet Conference. 

“There were a few key moves that our girls made in that final kilometer that made up those three points,” Mortenson said. 

The Dimond boys — the defending Division I state champions — picked up the team win with 22 points. West Valley was second with 40 points, followed by Kodiak with 74. 

The Lynx’s Dallin Gardiner earned the individual win in 17:22. 

Senior Braxton Gruner led Kodiak, placing fourth in 17:53.3 — his best time at The Fort. 

“He is feeling good, working hard and training hard,” Mortenson said. 

Kodiak’s Riley Birbilas was 20th (19:18.2), Colt Hubert 21st (19:27.9), Jerrod Bolton 28th (20:25.1) and David Castro 30th (20:28.1). 

Junior standout Connor Marbrey did not compete because he was out of town. 





1. Dimond, 22; 2. West Valley, 40; 3. Kodiak, 74. 


1. Dallin Gardiner, Dim, 17 minutes, 22 seconds; 2. Marty Rygh, Dim, 17:35.4; 3. Daniel Abramowicz, WV, 17:36; 4. Braxton Gruner, Kod, 17:53.3; 5. Peter Hinds, Dim, 17:53.4; 6. Jared Gardiner, Dim, 17:54.5; 7. Shane Fisher, WV, 18:00.2; 8. Tayson McKenzie, Dim, 18:02.4; 9. Eric Difolco, WV, 18:02.5; 10. Nolan Earnest, WV, 18:06.1; 11. Eli Merrill, WV, 18:06.1; 12. Nicholas Prosser, Dim, 18:10.3; 13. Jack Cater, WV, 18:33.4; 14. Kurtis Brumbaugh, Dim, 18:47.7; 15. Noah Rygh, Dim, 18:52.2; 16. Ian Cruickshank, Dim, 18:58.2; 17. Koen House, WV, 19:03.2; 18. Ronnie Fiscus, Dim, 19:05; 19. Dale Baurick, WV, 19:12.2; 20. Riley Birbilas, Kod, 19:18.2; 21. Colt Hubert, Kod, 19:27.9; 22. Leviticus Brandt, Dim, 19:45.7; 23. Adrian Velasco, Dim, 19:46.7; 24. Caleb Petersen, WV, 20:02.5; 25. Preston Skeete, Dim, 20:09.5; 26. Owen White, Dim, 20:10.9; 27. Lars Vinlove, WV, 20:12.2; 28. Jerrod Bolton, Kod, 20:25.1; 29. Jaden Nakata, Dim, 20:28; 30. David Castro, Kod, 20:28.1; 31. Hunter DeWall, Dim, 20:51.7; 32. Jackson Roberts, Kod, 20:53.3; 33. Joseph Jablonski, Dim, 21:00; 34. Christian Harver, Kod, 21:16.6; 35. Spencer Skaling, Dim, 21:24.3; 36. James Tatakis, Dim, 21:29.1; 37. Augustus Kaczorowski, Dim, 21:36.6; 38. Owen Saltzman, Dim, 22:02.2; 39. Elias Engman, WV, 22:12.3; 40. Scott Lowry, Dim, 22:12.5; 40. Logan Barr, WV, 22:12.5; 42. Andy Campbell, Dim, 22:28.7; 43. Luis Sanchez-Ulloa, Dim, 22:30.7; 44. Tyler Holforty, Kod, 22:37.1; 45. Isaac San Juan, Dim, 22:40.9; 46. Paul Cvancara, Dim, 22:51.9; 47. Jacob Rozell, WV, 22:51.9; 48. Will Rygh, Dim, 22:56.4; 49. Will Fagerstrom, Dim, 23:05.3; 50. Timothy Jackson, Dim, 23:09.9; 51. William Pfeifer, Dim, 23:12.1; 52. Brodie O’Hara, Dim, 23:17.3; 53. Omar Llamos, Kod, 23:29.1; 54. Noah Stout, WV, 25:07.6; 55. Benjamin Powers, Kod, 25:25.6; 56. Landon Choate, Kod, 26:00; 57. Garrett Lemmons, Dim, 26:54.  


1. Nick Jablonski, Dim, 18:51.3; 2. Nils Kolb, Dim, 19:46.7; 3. Tristen Klier, Kod, 20:26.2; 4. Zachary Hecht, Kod, 28:08.4. 




1. West Valley, 20; 2. Kodiak, 52; 3. Dimond, 55. 


1. Kendall Kramer, WV, 18:34.1; 2. Maggie Druckenmiller, WV, 21:04.4; 3. Riga Grubis, WV, 22:32.8; 4. Elizabeth Parnell, Kod, 22:52.7; 5. Elizabeth Engle, Dim, 22:57.8; 6. Emma Axelsson, WV, 22:59.9; 7. Naomi Griffin, Kod, 23:13.5; 8. Hadley Blasey, WV, 23:17.8; 9. Maria Cvancara, Dim, 23:18.7; 10. Kaley Fleming, Dim, 23:30.6; 11. Hallee Blair, Kod, 23:32; 12. Catherine Winford, WV, 23:32.9; 13. Francie Eufemio, Kod, 23:33.1; 14. Kate Baring, WV, 23:58.5; 15. Hailey Hand, Dim, 24:07.4; 16. Madeline Troxell, Dim, 24:08.4; 17. Carly Glover, Kod, 24:24.7; 18. Brenna Flannery, Dim, 24:28.4; 19. Marielle Mangrobang, Kod, 23:35.8; 20. Malina Fagan, Kod, 24:35.8; 21. Alexis Black, Dim, 25:40.1; 22. Sophia Cvancara, Dim, 25:52.7; 23. Katie Parnell, Kod, 26:00.9; 24. Kristen Abramowicz, WV, 26:20.1; 25. Kaylani Ugalino, Dim, 27:27.2; 26. Acacia Birbilas, Kod, 27:48.4; 27. Charlette Burke, Kod, 28:08.6; 28. Ava Jelinek, WV, 28:09.3; 29. Taylor Tiulana, Dim, 28:15.5; 30. Sarah Lowry, Dim, 28:27.1; 31. Sara Scott, Kod, 28:29.2; 32. Maryssa Abston, Kod, 28:50.6; 33. Eilidh Kimberling, Dim, 29:00.5; 34. Kierra Christiansen, Kod, 29:42.4; 35. Anita Koelsch, Dim, 29:56.6; 36. Adda Johnson, Dim, 32:13.3; 37. Bella Klier, Kod, 33:03.4. 


1. Ada McWhite, 30:38.4; 2. Emily Lorring, Kod, 37:33.6. 

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