City League Basketball

Thursday, Nov.7

Camai 89, Nets Systems 87

Jeffrey Miranda 28, Zack Keplinger 24, Jonathan Sanchez 15, Chris Pruitt 13 and Petaia Sega 9 points for Camai. Austin Cowley 27, Joe Madrid 15, Myr Gel Obas 13, Ryan Gabor 12, Skylar Gatter 7, Drew DeVries 6, Ben Watkins 6, Avery Javier 1 point for Nets System.

Petro Marine 91,

Golden Alaska 82

Godfrey Agmata 41, Randy Dela Cruz 18, Dustin Krug 15, Nick Calderon 10 and Charlie Garcia 7 points for Petro Marine. Mark Galindo 19, Jeff Ryser 14, Josh Cislo 14, Nathan Sterns 13, Michael Mainifo 12, Elijah Hiner 8 and Julian Hiner 2 points for Golden Alaska.

Loose Cannons 53, PKIMC 31

Clieford Tamarra 12, Brad Blondin 12, Corey Gronn 9, Jason Blondin 8, Daniel Walker 8, Landen Durand 2 and Andrew King 2 points for Loose Cannons. Andrew Barnes 13, Jaymark Torrejas 5, Raymundo Basuel 4, Jurey Fortaliza 3, Sonny Basuel 2, Kenneth Viado 2 and Christopher Halog 2 points for PKIMC.

Island Espresso 77, Strangers 58

Juan Ruiz 31, Jemuel Mangalus 23, Leonard Pickett 8, Levi Fried 11, James Schnick 2 and John Koller 2 points for Island Espresso. Grant Avehjem 24, Chaylen Delgado 21, Scott DeTorres 7, Matt Delgado 4 and Jon Panamarioff 2 points for Strangers.

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