Knight collects state bodybuilding awards

Lindsay Knight poses Monday with trophies he won at the 29th Annual Alaska State Pro-Am Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships, Saturday in Anchorage. (Derek Clarkston photo)

Kodiak’s Lindsay Knight added a pair of bodybuilding trophies to his already impressive hall of fame career Saturday.

Knight teamed with Susan Johnson of Boise, Idaho, to win the mixed pairs division at the 29th Annual Alaska State Pro-Am Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships in Anchorage.

Knight, known as the godfather of Alaska bodybuilding, also placed second in the men’s grandmasters over 50 division, which ended his run as a six-time champion.

“I was really trying for lucky seven,” Knight said Monday morning. “I don’t think I lost by that much, so it was a little disappointing, but I am getting over it.”

Knight, 61, handed the crown to newcomer Mike Bakic, who is 11 years younger than Knight.

“He said watching me over the years inspired him to get up there,” Knight said.

Winning the mixed pairs title made up for his runner-up finish in the grandmaster’s division.

Knight and Johnson choreographed their routine in 15 minutes on Friday.

“The difference in mixed pairs is when I am doing my individual routine, if I were to forget it nobody would ever notice and you just carry on. You can’t do that with mixed pairs,” Knight said. “You have to do it exactly like your partner.”

Knight, who weighed around 150 pounds and was at 5 percent body fat, said he gets a rush from competing.

“I get a lot of energy when I am on stage. There is always the anticipation right before you step out there and as soon as you hit center stage and the music starts — oh, my god, it is just exhilarating.”

After four decades of bodybuilding, Knight has gotten used to parading on stage wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of shorts.

“I don’t really look at the crowd,” he said. “I’m probably about the only one that will do this, but I sometimes just close my eyes and listen to the music, the crowd, and it makes me flex harder.”

Being on the stage is the culmination of months of preparation.

“Hundreds of hours in the gym just lifting weights and building muscle,” Knight said. “The most difficult thing to do is cutting water the last couple of days. You get so parched, you can barely swallow, and as you are doing that you start building the carbohydrates up.”

Saturday’s show was just the beginning of Knight’s year. On April 21 he is competing in the Emerald Cup in Seattle and in July he has aspirations of going to the Master Nationals in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“That is sort of an impossible dream, to do a national competition,” Knight said.

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