“Oh, the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we’ve no place to go

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”


Those are the opening lines to my all-time favorite Christmas song, “Let it Snow.” 

I find that song fitting for the column, especially since the weather in Kodiak has been frightful for the past two weeks. To make it even more relevant, replace the word “snow” with “fog.” It doesn’t have the same ring, but you get the idea. 

This fog has been ridiculous — I have not seen anything like it in my 13 years on The Rock. It has been so bad that I was excited to see the moon Thursday night when I took Pepper Jack out for his final potty outing. 

But without the fog, the story of the year would have never happened. 

How awesome was it that the Kodiak High School wrestling team gave up its plane tickets to help the school’s volleyball players and swimmers get off-island (check out Thursday’s Daily Mirror if you missed the story). 

Without the enormous hearts of the wrestlers, the volleyball team would not have been able to compete at the Northern Lights Conference Championships, and the swimmers would have missed the state championship meet. 

That would have been a tragedy for both squads — practice and play for three months only to be defeated by the weather. 

With the wrestling season being so short — nine weekends of competition — giving up a weekend event was a huge sacrifice by the wrestlers. 

Instead of competing at a tournament at West Anchorage High School, the team ran through a light practice on Saturday. 

“It wasn’t the worst thing that they had the weekend off,” Kodiak coach Junior Valladolid said. “They are wrestling every single weekend, and we were treated to one of our three Sundays that we get to wake up in our beds.”



Ouch. I went 1-4 last week. 

I’ll take the lone victory, though, as I correctly picked Seattle to take down San Francisco. 

What an incredible game. I was on the edge of my seat and glad nobody was at work during the game. 

I head into Week 11 with a 29-21 record.  



With Kansas City faltering, the race for the AFC West title is tightening up. 

The Raiders are a game back, while the Chargers are two games back. 

The Chiefs get right in this game, which is being played in Mexico on Monday night. 

Clarkston: Chiefs 



Look out, Philadelphia. New England had a week off to regroup from its first loss of the season. 

Clarkston: Patriots




Deshaun Watson vs. Lamar Jackson. 

The two young star signal-callers battle each other in the best game of Week 11. 

This should be a fun one to watch. 

Clarkston: Ravens 



I normally don’t pick a game involving two teams with sub-.500 records, but there are not a lot of intriguing games to choose from this week.

Clarkston: Jets 



The Gardner Minshew-era in Jacksonville has been put on hold. 

Nick Foles is healthy and returns as the Jags’ quarterback for this big division game against the Colts. 

Clarkston: Colts

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