Boys back on track at Abercrombie

Kodiak’s Leah Cawthorn leads a group of Grace Christian runners during a high school cross country meet Friday at Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park. (Derek Clarkston photo)

It didn’t take long for the Kodiak boys cross country team to get back on the winning track at Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park. 

The Bears swept the top three spots to cruise to an easy 19-42 dual meet victory over visiting Grace Christian on Friday evening. 

Two weeks ago, high-powered West Valley ended Kodiak’s 22-meet Fort Abercrombie winning streak, a string of wins that began in 2000. 

“It will take us a while to get us back to that 22-meet streak,” Kodiak coach Marcus Dunbar said. “It was a good day for them.”

Kodiak’s Cole Christiansen, Julian McCarthy and Levi Thomet ran the 5-kilometer race together, and all crossed the finish line in 17 minutes, 26 seconds. 

Christiansen, a senior, was credited with the win in his final meet at Abercrombie, followed by fellow senior McCarthy and sophomore Thomet in third. 

“They more of less tied,” Dunbar said. “Levi and Cole have been duking it out a lot, so today, I said lets just take this one easy and help Julian.”

Kodiak’s girls fell to Grace, a tough 3A school, 31-25. 

Grace’s Morgan Lash won going away in 19:59, just the 12th girl to finish under 20 minutes at Abercrombie. 

For the first time this season, Kodiak’s Leah Cawthorn finished ahead of teammate Adriane Horn in second at 20:23, 40 seconds better than her previous best Abercrombie time.  

Cawthorn actually placed third, but second-place runner Anna Trujillo was disqualified for knocking Cawthorn down as the two battled across the finish line. 

“She was going off to the side and I was trying to pass her on the inside and I kind of tripped and slipped in the mud and didn’t have the energy to catch myself,” Cawthorn said. 

Cawthorn’s legs were caked in mud from the incident, but the junior didn’t mind since she was able to edge Horn, Kodiak’s No. 1 runner. Horn finished fourth in 20:36. 

“It feels great, but I know Adriane is still up there and doing good,” Cawthorn said. “She is the one that pushes me. I wouldn’t be up there if she wasn’t pushing me.”

Dunbar was pleased to see a performance like that from Cawthorn. 

“I wouldn’t say I would have predicted her to be our No. 1 girl today, but at the same I’m not all that surprised because she has always been right there,” Dunbar said. 

Kodiak’s Marley Wilkins rounded out the top 5, while Zoe Bigley was eighth and McKenzie Barnett 10th. 

Kodiak’s Clayton Hannah, Jon LeVan, Elisha Fields and Anthony Rubina were sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth in the boys race. 

On Saturday, Kodiak and Grace Christian competed in a Grand Opening Mile race on the new track surface at Joe Floyd Track and Field. 

Christiansen won the boys race in 4:36.7, followed by Thomet in 4:36.8. 

Grace’s Claire Trujillo won the girls race in 5:32.8. Cawthorn was the top Kodiak finisher in fourth (5:43.5). 

This Saturday, Kodiak competes at the Region III Championship at Seward. 

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Grace Christian 25, Kodiak 31

1. Morgan Lash, Grace, 19 minutes, 59 seconds; 2. Leah Cawthorn, Kod, 20:23; 3. Claire Trujillo, Grae, 20:30; 4. Adriane Horn, Kod, 20:36; 5. Marley Wilkins, 20:38; 6. Elle Arnold, Grace, 20:46; 7. Cheyenne Appegate, Grace, 21:24; 8. Zoe Bigley, Kod, 21:41; 9. Kayla Rowe, Grace, 21:47; 10. McKenzie Barnett, Kod, 21:52; 11. Jodi Davis, Grace, 22:02; 12. Sarah Ng, Kod, 22:07; 13. Harmony Wayner, Grace, 22:14; 14. Maya Tsao-Wu, Grace, 22:40; 15. Shannon Armstrong, Kod, 22:57; 16. Tiffany Bolyard, Kod, 23:09; 17. Maria McLaughlin, Grace, 23:28; 18. Shannon McNamara, Grace, 23:35; 19. Kari Millstein, Kod, 23:35; 20. Lauren Tsao-Wu, Grace, 23:54; 21. Rachel Johnston, Grace, 24:30; 22. Madison Moir, Kod, 24:37; 23. Isabelle Hiner, Kod, 24:59; 24. Astrid Schick, Kod, 25:04; 25. Mandi Cox, 25:06; 26. Alex Durazo, Grace, 25:08; 27. Holly Valley, Kod, 25:13; 28. Isabel Castro, Kod, 25:55; 29. Jessica Shields, Kod, 26:49; 30. Olivia Rivera, Kod, 26:55; 31. Amanda Blott, Kod, 28:02; 32. Alexa Stewart, Kod, 28:38; 33. Leonie Budde, Kod, 29:07; 34. Taylor Kellog, Kod, 35:25; 35. Brenda Castonguay, Kod, 41:04. 


Kodiak 19, Grace Christian 42

1. Cole Christiansen, Kod, 17:26; 2. Julian McCarthy, Kod, 17:26; 3. Levi Thomet, Kod, 17:26; 4. Daniel Serventi, Grace, 17:46; 5. Hans Karlberg, Grace, 17:46; 6. Clayton Hannah, Kod, 17:53; 7. Jon LeVan, Kod, 18:03; 8. Elisha Fields, Kod, 18:08; 9. Anthony Rubina, Kod, 18:09; 10. Josh Thomas, Grace, 18:16; 11. Zach Smith, Kod, 18:42; 12. Andrew Eller, Grace, 18:44; 13. Daniel VanderWeide, Grace, 18:44; 14. Hayden Foster, Kod, 18:45; 15. Grayson Sorensen, Grace, 18:48; 16. Luke McLaughlin, Grace, 18:51; 17. Joppa Smith, Grace, 19:00; 18. Wyatt Brown, Grace, 19:13; 19. Joel Santos, Grace, 19:54; 20. Michael Parnell, Kod, 20:01; 21. Zach Young, Grace, 20:05; 22. Abe Walton, Kod, 20:25; 23. Joe Doerksen, Kod, 20:50; 24. Gregorio Ibabao, Kod, 20:54; 25. Joseph Valley, Kod, 21:18; 26. Will Dumm, Kod, 21:31; 27. Joel Smith, Kod, 21:35; 28. Riley Martin, Grace, 21:43; 29. Morgan Moir, Kod, 22:12; 30. Aaron Hocum, Kod, 22:13; 31. David Brown, Kod, 23:00; 32. Nevada Penaloza, Kod, 25:53; 33. Jeffrey Peterson, Kod, 26:02. 




1. Claire Trujillo, Grace, 5:32.8; 2. Cheyenne Applegate, Grace, 5:39.0; 3. Elle Arnold, Grace, 5:42.6; 4. Leah Cawthorn, Kod, 5:43.5; 5. Marley Wilkins, Kod, 5:44.2; 6. Adriane Horn, Kod, 5:45.2; 7. Morgan Lash, Grace, 5:49.4; 8. McKenzie Barnett, Kod, 5:59.0; 9. Kayla Rowe, Grace, 6:00.03; 10. Zoe Bigley, Kod, 6:01.1; 11. Sarah Ng, Kod, 6:04.2; 12. Shannon McNamara, Grace, 6:16.2; 13. Shannon Armstrong, Kod, 6:16.5; 14. Kayye Yu, Kod, 6:17.3; 15. Rachel Johnston, Grace, 6:31.4. 


1. Cole Christiansen, Kod, 4:36.7; 2. Levi Thomet, Kod, 4:36.8; 3. Julian McCarthy, Kod, 4:51.1; 4. Daniel Serventi, grace, 4:55.8; 5. Clayton Hannah, Kod, 4:57.1; 6. Daniel VaderWeide, Grace, 5:00.9; 7. Josh Thomas, Grace, 5:01.4; 8. Jon Levan, Kod, 5:01.6; 9. Grayson Sorenson, Grace, 5:01.9; 10. Hans Karlberg, Grace, 5:02.4; 11. Elisha Fields, Kod, 5:05.0; 12. Andrew Eller, Grace, 5:05.9; 13. Anthony Rubina, Kod, 5:08.1; 14. Luke McLaughin, Grace, 5:10.8; 15. Zach Smith, Kod, 5:12.8; 16. Joppa Smith, Grace, 5:21.1; 17. Wyatt Brown, Grace, 5:24.2. 

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