Kodiak’s junior softball all-stars did not go winless in their first trip to the District I Tournament in a decade. 

After going 0-2 in pool play, Kodiak thumped Dimond-West, 32-18, in the first game of the single-elimination tournament Tuesday in Anchorage. 

“We went into it and took the lead right off the bat,” Kodiak coach George Lee said. “The girls were so excited — jumping and down.”

Lee said Dimond-West, a team with only 11 players, pulled to within four runs in the later stages of the game before Kodiak’s offense took charge to end the game via the mercy rule. 

The win moved No. 5 Kodiak into a semifinal contest against top-seeded Abbott-O-Rabbit. Kodiak fell 20-0 to finish District I play with a 1-3 record. 

This was Kodiak Little League’s first softball all-star team since 2008. 

“It was really good for the girls,” said longtime Little League coach George Lee. 

Abbott-O-Rabbit defeated Nunaka Valley, 10-4, in Wednesday’s championship game and will represent District I at the state championship tournament in Ketchikan. 

Kodiak’s roster consisted of Kaiona Harford, Niana Llamos, Britney Llorente, Kyla Pineda, Shanoah Spear, Hannah Stewart, Ashlyn Bolen, Keiara Blondin, Carlie Lee, Hailee Wallace, Aven Gruner and Emily Larson. 

Lee was assisted by Jodie Llamos and Georgianna Spear.

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