DEREK CLARKSTON/Kodiak Daily Mirror

Branden Lorch, left, takes aim at a target, while his dad Matt looks on during a Benchrest Rimfire Rifle Competition on June 21 at the Salonie Creek Rifle Range.  

Bob White and Michael Kerwood outshot the competition during the second centerfire rifle match of the season Sunday at the Salonie Creek Rifle Range. 

White snagged the victory in the first relay with 245 points (12 bullseyes), while Kerwood’s 246 points (three bullseyes) topped the second relay.

The two sharpshooters also added runner-up finishes by posting 238 points each.  

Each shooter aimed 25 shots at a target sheet with five targets placed 200 yards away. A perfect score is 250 points, with the 10-point center ring being the size of a nickel.

Hitting the bullseye on every shot is a difficult task, though.    

“Of course it’s only possible in a perfect world, which isn’t Kodiak, as we also had gusty crosswinds of 10 to 15 mph that deflects the bullet path 3 to 4 inches,”  Kerwood wrote in an email. “However, it helps prepare us for hunting in Kodiak.” 

Kerwood, who organizes the Sunday shoots, said a score of 225 points or more is considered excellent.

The next shoot is 6:30 p.m. Sunday. Entry fee is $8, with proceeds going to the Kodiak Island Sportsman’s Association. Set up begins at 4:30 p.m. at the Salonie Creek Rifle Range, 11.5 miles south of Kodiak city.  






1. Bob White, 245 (12); 2. Mike Kerwood, 238 (3); 3. Andy Finke, 216 (0); 4. Velma Vining, 204 (0); 5. Erik Berggren, DNF. 




1. Michael Kerwood, 246 (3); 2. Bob White, 238 (3); 3. Erik Berggren, 231 (2); 4. Velma Vining, 213 (1); 5. Andy Finke, 207 (1). 

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