I’ve rediscovered a childhood hobby this summer — golf. 

I arrived in Kodiak with two suitcases and golf clubs. But, in the 13 summers on The Rock leading up to this one, I hacked around Bear Valley Golf Course twice.

There are two reasons for that: Mosquitoes and baseball. 

It’s a mosquito convention on the course. A person is doomed if they arrive without a can of bug spray in their golf bag. Paying for my limbs to be attacked by mosquitoes was not something that I wanted to do.

That has changed. 

With Kodiak not fielding an American Legion baseball team this summer — a program I’ve been involved with since 2013 — I needed something to pass my time when I wasn’t walking Pepper Jack and Cody. 

Speaking of those two pups, recently, they have been putting on quite the show for lunchtime drivers on Mill Bay Road. They have turned the lawn in front of Kodiak Christian Fellowship into a doggie wrestling ring.

The two barrel into each other for minutes, while sending my arms twisting and turning, trying to keep their leashes from getting in a tangled mess. I’m not sure what is more entertaining to drivers, the dogs, or me. 

I digress. Sorry. What was I writing about? Oh, yeah. Golf. 

Every weekend since June, I’ve logged at least nine holes of golf. I military golf, as pastor Pisa Faumui calls it. I go left, then right instead of taking a direct route to the putting green.

Living a skipping stone away from a golf course, I played a lot growing up. I faintly remember being better than I am now — those birdie putts must have been in dreams and not in real life. 

Nonetheless, it has been a blast dusting off the clubs. Heck, Lady Human has even dug up divots and trimmed trees this summer. We even spotted a momma bear and two cubs playing on hole No. 4.  

Lady Human enjoys hunting for golf balls more than hitting one. We’ve spent several summer nights searching for lost golf balls, and now have a stockpile to last a lifetime. It’s reassuring to know that there are other military golfers out there. 

I’ve always enjoyed covering the Island Golf Championship — mostly because there is a yummy bison burger waiting for me at the tournament’s conclusion — and this weekend, I will be playing in it for the first time. 

It will be 36 holes of torture. I have one goal: Don’t return home with the Red Lantern Award.  


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