Another week, another rare occurrence at the Salonie Creek Rifle Range. 

Three shooters posted perfect 250 scores in the second relay of Sunday’s centerfire benchrest rifle match.

“I’ve only seen two shooters post 250 points in the same relay in the past 20 years, not three,” organizer and shooter Michael Kerwood wrote in an email to the Daily Mirror. 

Kerwood was one of the perfect shooters, but he lost out to Velma Vining, who hit seven bullseyes to his five. Bob White was third with four bullseyes. 

Bullseyes are collected when the bullet pierces the 1/8th-inch dot in the center of the 10-ring — a problematic shot from 200 yards away. 

Kerwood said the rain and wind, which wreaked havoc on shooters in the first relay, calmed for the second relay.  

“It’s rare in Kodiak to witness complete, calm conditions while shooting,” Kerwood wrote. 

Despite the conditions in the first round, Kerwood still shot a clean 250 — one point better than Vining. White was third with 246. 

“It became very difficult to see bullet impacts on the target through the mist,” Kerwood wrote. 

Kerwood hopes to hold one more centerfire competition this year. Watch the calendar at or call 486-8141. 



First relay

1. Michael Kerwood, 250 points (8 bullseyes); 2. Velma Vining, 249 (5); 3. Bob White, 246 (6); 4. Andy Finke, 239 (2); 5. Erik Berggren, 232 (1); 6. Ryan Kitka, 199 (0); 7. Stan Radeski, DNF. 


Second relay

1. Velma Vining, 250 (7); 2. Michael Kerwood, 250 (5); 3. Bob White, 250 (4); 4. Andy Finke, 239 (0); 5. Erik Berggren, 213 (0); 6. Stan Radeski, 212 (0); 7. Ryan Kitka, 190 (0).  

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