Professional golfer Dave Stockton is bringing his game to Kodiak and will host a fundraiser in support of Kodiak Teen Court. 

Kodiak Teen Court is a state-approved program in which participating youth act as judges, prosecuting attorneys and defense attorneys in real criminal cases involving youth under the age of 18. Adult attorneys act as legal advisors in the courtroom.

Stockton learned about Kodiak Teen Court when he met a relative of the program director while on a cruise. He said the program “sounds fascinating,” and he loves the idea of “mentoring the guys coming up from behind.” 

Stockton also said he is “looking forward to meeting the kids.” 

Stockton has always loved sports, and played many as a kid, including baseball and football. However, at age 15, Stockton broke his back. Speaking of that time he said, “I thought to myself, ‘Well, if I’m going to get a scholarship I better get working on my golf.’” Stockton worked hard, and did receive a scholarship to play golf at the University of Southern California. There he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a second generation USC All-American. 

Stockton spoke about his college days, “At that time my parents wanted me to be a lawyer, but I thought I could pursue golf after college.” 

Stockton’s hard work paid off in 1964 when he turned professional and continued in 1967 when he claimed his first PGA tour victory at the Colonial National Invitation. Since that time he has claimed 10 PGA Tour victories as well as 14 PGA Tour Champions victories.

Now Stockton works with his two sons, giving private and group golf lessons. “Teaching is very satisfying,” he said. “I’d say I’ve had a better career in teaching than I did in golfing, and I had a pretty good golfing career.”

Stockton and his wife, Catherine, will be visiting Kodiak next week after spending time with family in Homer. Stockton will be hosting a Short Game Golf Clinic on July 26 at 5 p.m. Proceeds well benefit the Kodiak Teen Court. 

The clinic will include time for a meet and greet, dinner and a private short game lesson for one lucky winner. The clinic will be held at Bear Valley Golf Course. The suggested donation for tickets is $75-$200, and interested people should call (907) 486-3550 or (907) 486-6390.

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