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Branden Lorch, left, takes aim at a target, while his dad Matt looks on during a Benchrest Rimfire Rifle Competition on June 21 at the Salonie Creek Rifle Range.  

As the Sunday shooting series winds down, the accuracy of the participants is heating up.

Two points separated all six shooters in the benchrest rimfire rifle match at the Salonie Creek Rifle Range in the final standings, and all six posted a perfect score of 200 points in the opening round — 20 shots at 50 yards.

“I’ve never presided over any event where the entire field shot clean for the first half or whole event,” organizer Michael Kerwood wrote in an email to the Daily Mirror. 

“It just verifies my opinion that self-improvement is the best takeaway from constant competition. I was actually very proud of everyone, even if I was also a little nervous about where I’d place in the final score.” 

Kerwood had nothing to worry about.

He stayed perfect in the second round — 20 shots at 100 yards — to capture first with 400 points. 

Erik Berggren also posted 400 points but hit three fewer bullseyes — 38 to 35 — than Kerwood. 

Kerwood said almost all rifle score matches award 10 points for bullets that impact the center of all the scoring rings. 

“Slight variations in ammunition velocity can string impacts on the target from center bullseye to dropping to the nine-point ring,” Kerwood wrote. “Through no fault of the marksman, but quality ammo ensures this won’t happen.” 

Velma Vining grabbed third with 399 points and 30 bullseyes, while Andy Finke was fourth with 399 points and 16 bullseyes. 

This Sunday is the final centerfire rifle match of the season. However, Kerwood said the season could be extended. For updates, check or call (907) 486-8141. 


Rimfire results

1. Michael Kerwood, 400 points (38 bullseyes); 2. Erik Berggren, 400 (35); 3. Velma Vining, 399 (30); 4. Andy Finke, 399 (16); 5. Tre Heckerman, 398 (32); 6. Bob White, 398 (20). 

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