Horn key player off the bench

Adriane Horn

Through the course of the season, Adriane Horn has become more confident on the court.

That stems from her increased playing time for the state-bound Kodiak girls basketball team.

Horn, a junior, is Kodiak’s first option off the bench and has started four games this season in place of Hannah Wandersee and Jerica Nelson.

“For her to step up like she has during the stretch, not only was that huge for us, but it has really earned her a spot coming off the bench for more minutes,” Kodiak coach Stephanie Smiley said.

Horn’s knocked down some clutch 3-pointers while on the floor and has been a spark off the bench with her all-out hustle.

“I just try to work hard during practice and play my hardest,” Horn said. “All they ask for us is to play our hardest and that is what I try to do.”

Smiley has noticed Horn’s energy and has rewarded her

“With Adriane, she will run herself into the ground for you,” Smiley said.

Horn is the younger sister of University of Alaska Anchorage star Alysa Horn. The siblings spent a lot of time together playing basketball growing up.

“She has helped me a lot,” Horn said. “I owe a lot to her.”

On a team with not much depth — Kodiak often only plays six or seven players — Horn mentally prepares herself to sub in for any of her teammates that encounter foul trouble.

“I always have my head in the game, so I am always ready to go at any time,” she said. “I pay attention to who is guarding who and what our opponents are doing.”

The team’s lack of depth hasn’t stopped Kodiak’s success this season. The Bears enter today’s opening-round state tournament game against Lathrop as the third-best team in the state.

Through lots of conditioning drills, and a lack of not picking up fouls, many of the starters only get a few breathers a game on the bench.

“I just have a group of players that want to be on the floor,” Smiley said. “They will play and push themselves through anything.”

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