After four hours of bowling, the third edition of the Spenard Builders Supply Pro-Build Championship came down to one frame.

Needing a strike to win and nine pins to tie, Manny Narra’s final ball knocked down only eight pins, which gave the title to Stefan Macahilas, 218-217, in a tense championship match Sunday afternoon at Tropic Lanes.

Macahilas had already finished with a 218 and could only watch nervously as Narra attempted to steal the win.

“I don’t have any control over that. If he gets it good deal — great job to him — and if he didn’t, it was my time to shine,” Macahilas said.

It was Macahilas’ time to shine.

In winning his first bowling tournament, the 31-year-old Kodiak High School graduate takes home a tournament-record first-place prize of $1,012.22.

Macahilas earned every penny of the purse by not only battling the slick oil patterns, but also escaping Narra in a tightly contested title round.

Macahilas had to make up 20 pins on Narra in the handicap format and did by opening with three straight strikes. Narra didn’t fade as he struck in five of the first six frames. His only blemish was an open in the third, which was enough of an opening for Macahilas.

Both missed spares in the ninth, which set up the pulsating finish.

“I saw him open that one frame towards the end and I knew that was my passing lane,” Macahilas said. “That was my time to put some pressure on him — 20 pins is a lot for a bowler of Manny’s caliber. That is two frames you have to make up right away.”

Macahilas spared in the 10th and knocked down eight pins in the bonus frame. Narra also spared in the 10th, but on his final roll only knocked down eight pins — two pins shy of winning and one pin shy of forcing another game.

For finishing second, Narra receives $506.11. Darryl Wilson defeated Jeff Jimenez 164-125 in the third/fourth-place match to win $303.44, while Jimenez won $202.44.

Thirty-one bowlers started the tournament, and after four qualifying games, the field was cut to 16. Macahilas was the top qualifier, rolling games of 269, 257, 245 and 179 on the Shark oil pattern — a pattern used on the Professional Bowling Association tour.

Macahilas narrowly edged David Anderson by six pins in the round of 16, then beat James Barton 217-183 in the quarterfinals. In the semifinals, he opened with seven strikes to ease past Jimenez 239-137.

Narra qualified 10th and beat Sonny Basuel (176-146), Ryan McRobert (185-145) and Wilson (179-174) to reach the finals.

Bracket play was bowled on the USBC Master’s pattern. Macahilas, who helped organize the tournament, and pick the oil patterns, said this tournament gives bowlers an appreciation for what the professionals have to endure on the tour.

“It gives them a real feel for what it is on TV,” Macahilas said. “What you have to put in to make it to the PBA.”

As a youth coach, Macahilas is taking a group of Kodiak bowlers to the state tournament today. Many of his bowlers were at Tropic Lanes to cheer him on; he plans to treat reward them for their support now that his wallet is a bit thicker.

“I will probably take them all out to dinner,” he said.

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Spenard Builders Supply Pro-Build Championship

Sunday, April 7

Championship match

Stefan Macahilas def. Manny Narra, 218-217.

Third-place match

Darryl Wilson def. Jeff Jimenez, 164-125


Stefan Macahilas def. Jeff Jimenez, 239-137; Manny Narra def. Darryl Wilson, 179-174.


Stefan Macahilas def. James Barton, 217-183; Jeff Jimenez def. Philip Obas, 193-184; Darryl Wilson def. Ray Basuel, 186-170; Manny Narra def. Ryan McRobert, 185-145.

Round of 16

Stefan Macahilas def. David Anderson, 181-175; James Barton def. Janet Baker, 207-187; Jeff Jiminez def. Greg Prewett, 154-129; Philip Obas def. Keith Morin, 181-165; Ray Basuel def. Jeff Murray, 226-218; Darryl Wilson def. Andy Finkle, 184-178; Manny Narra def. Sonny Basuel, 146; Ryan McRobert def. Erik Bonde, 193-172.

Qualifying round (four games)

1. Stefan Macahilas, 966; 2. Erik Bonde, 890; 3. Ray Basuel, 873; 4. Philip Obas, 842; 5. Greg Prewett, 840; 6. Darryl Wilson, 839; 7. Sonny Basuel, 823; 8. Janet Baker, 821; 9. James Barton, 810; 10. Manny Narra, 807; 11. Andy Finkle, 807; 12. Jeff Jimenez, 800; 13. Keith Morin, 796; 14. Jeff Murray, 787; 15. Ryan McRobert, 778; 16. David Anderson, 771; 17. Bryan Larson, 765; 18. Ruth Barton, 760; 19. Mario Lledo, 754; 20. Debbie Olson, 749; 21. Takasi Oki, 748; 22. Jim Swearingin, 733; 23. George Best, 733; 24. Tommy Johnson, 732; 25. Rod Kiefer, 728; 26. Steve Tyner, 719; 27. Jeff Kiefer, 705; 28. Derek Clarkston, 697; 29. Josh Olson, 687; 30. Alvin Arboleda, 685; 31. Jesse Mickelson, 684.

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