Kodiak’s Laura Haight has made the national spotlight. 

Earlier this month, the homegrown rodeo star graced the cover of NHSRA Times — a web magazine for high school rodeo. She was shown in a pink shirt navigating a turn on her horse. 

The cover shot teased an article about Alaska’s high school rodeo scene. The article, written by Alaska National Director Kathleen Kitson, highlighted Kodiak rodeos. 

“We have had a couple of interesting rodeos in Kodiak where we had to pause and wait until a Kodiak brown bear left the area. We have been weather-delayed and unable to return home when planned more than once. If the water is too rough, they don’t allow livestock on (the ferry), and we have to stay until the weather is better,” the author wrote. 

Haight knows all about travel. She spends a lot of time in Lower 48 training and participating in rodeos. 

She picked up one of her biggest wins on Feb. 6 at the Tri-K 5D Winter Blast at the Donna Kay Rule Arena in Purcell, Oklahoma. 

Haight won the 1D barrel race in 13.92 seconds. Haight’s mom, Robin, said there were 200 riders in the competition. 

“This is a big deal,” Robin said. “She’s stepped up to another league.” 

Laura broke the news on her Facebook page. It was only the second time competing on her horse, Arya. 

“This little horse made me so proud. We are already making a team,” she wrote. 

Robin said her daughter is gearing up for the Junior American Rodeo Feb. 26 through March 6 in Fort Worth, Texas. 

However, she said the arena is currently closed because of the recent winter weather in Texas. 

“She’s worked hard for it,” Robin said. “Hopefully, now that she proved herself, we can get some local sponsors for the National High School World Finals in July.”  

Laura competed at the 2020 National High School Finals Rodeo and placed 29th out of 108 entrants in barrel racing with a time of 16.204.

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