Good morning, or should I say good afternoon or good evening depending on when your newspaper is delivered. 

It’s been awhile since I checked in. Gizmo and Pepper Jack are both doing well. Shadow the cat is as needy as ever, and Edgar and Valentino — the ferrets — haven’t changed.  

And I’ve finally settled down after a long summer on the road with Kodiak’s American Legion baseball team.   

We are all a bit disappointed how the Seattle Mariners’ season has unfolded. The boys have been tossing around the baseball with their paws in case they get called in from the living room to take the mound.  Everybody else has this season for the Mariners, so why not the pooches.

Two games under .500 and the M’s are still in the Wild Card chase. We have already come to reality that making the playoffs is not going to happen, making it 16 years in a rows without a playoff game. Please, make it end.  

Like most dogs in Kodiak, Giz and PJ are tired of the rain. When is it going to stop? Never.  

With the raining coming down in bunches, Gizmo has been able to prepare for the start of the NFL season — his favorite sport. 

As most know, the dog loves to prognosticate games. He actually wasn’t bad last season, posting a 127-128 record. 

So, how does the pooch do it? Ha. He isn’t going to give up his secrets. 

Actually, it’s pretty simple. I place two pieces of paper on the floor with a treat on both of them. Whatever treat Gizzy eats is the team that he predicts will win. PJ, who patiently waits for his brother to make his pick, gets the other treat. 

Of course, the boys’ favorite team is the Seahawks. Has to be, or they have to sleep outside. And they don’t want to do that. 

We are high on the Hawks this season. So high that we are making the bold prediction of an undefeated season. Yes, PERFECT. 

If you want to play along with Gizmo in picking NFL games, sign up for Pigskin Pick’em on and search for the group KDM1. 

Enjoy the first week of the season. 



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