Let me squash the rumors right now. I am not going anywhere. You, the readers, are stuck with me rather you like it or not. 

I know, the headline to this column is “saying goodbye,” but this is not my swan song. However, now that I think about it, it would be cool to retire at the age of 37 and spend the entire MLB season traveling to different parks.

Please excuse me for a second as I talk to the KDM publisher .......... I’m back. Unfortunately, The Skip — that is the nickname I penned for the boss lady — did not accept my resignation.

So, who is it that The Clarkston is saying goodbye to in this column? Well, there are several people. 

The first: Felix Hernandez. 

I admit, I cried — I’m glad nobody was in the office to witness the sobfest — last Thursday when The King pitched what was most likely his final game for the Seattle Mariners.

Hernandez, a free agent, spent 15 seasons in Seattle. He did it all for the Mariners, winning a Cy Young Award and tossing a perfect game. 

After the last three seasons where Hernandez failed to compensate for the decrease in his fastball velocity, the Mariners will most likely not bring him back for another season. 

I hope Hernandez catches on with another team, but it will be sad seeing him in a different uniform. Long live The King.  

On a local note, the island said goodbye to two fixtures of the bowling community this season — Bryan Larson and Stefan Macahilas. 

Both bowlers remained in Alaska, with Larson relocating to the Mat-Su Valley and Macahilas taking up residency in Anchorage.  

Larson and Macahilas both were two of the top bowlers on the island and will be missed.

Macahilas is tied for second with the legendary Harry Mickelson for 10 perfect games rolled at Tropic Lanes, while Larson has rolled one 300 game. 



I love lists, and I stumbled upon one this week — the 43 most popular house-friendly dogs. 

Stacker put together the list by sorting through the American Kennel Club’s directory of over 190 registered breeds. 

To the delight of Gizmo and Pepper Jack, the Japanese Chin came in at No. 27.

“This intelligent breed lives for its companions, but like a true aristocrat, is reserved until it gets to know you. Japanese Chins are almost cat-like with their loving yet coy personalities,” the description on the list read. 

The French bulldog topped the list, followed by their cousin the bulldog, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, the Shih Tzu and the Boston terrier. 



I was perfect in Week 4, going 5-0. Gizmo was not as fortunate, sporting a 2-3 record. 

My perfect week upped my season record to 13-7. Gizmo dropped to 8-12. 

There are a ton of juicy games in Week 5, so let’s get right to it. 




At 3-0, the San Francisco 49ers are the NFC West leaders. This Monday night game will be a huge test for the 49ers. Cleveland — mainly Nick Chubb — ran all over Baltimore last week. 

Clarkston — 49ers

Gizmo — Browns



What happened to Dallas last week? The Cowboys only managed 10 points against New Orleans. Meanwhile, Green Bay’s offense got on track in Week 4, but will most likely be missing star receiver Davante Adams on Sunday. 

Clarkston — Cowboys

Gizmo — Cowboys



The Bills might have lost to the Patriots last week, but they proved they have the defense to compete against any team. They will  have their hands full this week with Derrick Henry.  

Clarkston — Titans

Gizmo— Bills



I’m a big supporter of Lamar Jackson. He will have a field day against Pittsburgh. 

Clarkston — Ravens

Gizmo — Ravens




Since Pete Carroll became coach in 2010, the Seahawks have the league’s best record in prime-time games at 26-5-1. Enough said. Seattle wins tonight’s game. 

Clarkston — Seahawks

Gizmo — Seahawks


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