Last week in this space, I wrote about Pepper Jack’s early-morning walks. This week, let’s talk about his late-night outings. 

I tend to take naps before heading to bed. Those naps happen between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. — yes, I know this is bad for the sleep cycle, but I can’t help that my eyes get heavy while lounging on the sofa watching television. Must be a sign that I am getting older, as if the random gray hairs weren’t enough. 

The naps push the last potty outing for the dogs into the early morning hours. Gizmo is quick. The pup bolts out the door to the side yard and conducts his business — done in less than a minute.

Pepper Jack is more like an older man and takes his time. He wants to go for walks and often drags me up and down Cove Drive. I usually don’t mind, except this week when news broke that a neighbor’s dog was killed by a bear. RIP Boon.

Pepper Jack, unaware of what happened the night before, led me and his mom — who was scanning for bears with a flashlight — up the driveway Wednesday morning. 

Not wanting us to be bear bait, I maneuvered the pup to the front lawn where I gave him my blessing to let it go. Fat chance that happened. He sniffed for what seemed like an eternity while we kept our heads on a swivel. 

Liquid finally hit the grass, and we hurried into the house, finally ready for some REMs. 



The first week of the NFL season was a mixed bag of results, with the Steelers choosing to play a fifth preseason game and Drew Brees and DeShaun Watson putting on a show on Monday Night Football. 

I took comfort in going 4-1 in the opening week, while Gizmo finished 2-3. 

Here are our picks for the best five games in Week 2:   



A battle of undefeated NFC North rivals begins the picking frenzy. 

Green Bay’s offense was not clicking in its season opener, but the Packers had extra time to figure things out this week. 

Clarkston — Packers

Gizmo — Packers



Could the Steelers look any worse in Week 1? Doubtful. The Seahawks will have their hands full taking on Pittsburgh in its home opener. 

As much as this pains us, we both are going with the home team.  

Clarkston — Steelers

Gizmo — Steelers



With the Antonio Brown saga behind them, the Raiders balled out last week in their final Monday Night Football game in Oakland, displaying a punishing ground game and an electric passing attack. 

Now Oakland gets to see if it’s for real against the high-flying Chiefs. 

Clarkston — Raiders

Gizmo — Chiefs


NEW ORLEANS (1-0) AT L.A. RAMS (1-0)

Drew Brees is something else. The guy is money in the final seconds of games. Meanwhile, the Rams did not look great last week but did enough to down Cam Newton and the Panthers. 

This is a rematch of last year’s NFC Championship game, which went the way of the Saints. 

Clarkston — Saints

Gizmo — Rams


CLEVELAND (0-1) AT N.Y. JETS (0-1)

There are not many must-win games this early in the season, but this is one for Cleveland. 

The Browns did not live up to their preseason press clippings in last week’s embarrassing loss to the Titans. 

I like Cleveland taking this Monday battle, while Gizmo is flying with the Jets. 

Clarkston — Browns

Gizmo — Jets

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