Which one of these three statements is true: 

1. The Houston Astros won the 2017 World Series without cheating. 

2. The Seattle Seahawks are playing the San Francisco 49ers in this weekend’s NFC Championship game. 

3. Cody — a 7-year-old Japanese chin/Pekingese mix — is an official member of the Clarkston Zoo. 

For those who guessed No. 1 and No. 2, go back to the front page,  you are not ready for the sports section. 

Wait ... hold on ... this isn’t really a sports column, and I don’t have a big enough following to be turning away readers. 

No. 3 is the correct answer. 

Cody — the pup we have been fostering since the day after Christmas — officially joined the Zoo on Tuesday when Lady Human signed the papers at the Kodiak Animal Shelter. His adoption day came on Otis’ birthday and a day after I turned a year older.  

Cody has made himself at home, but I’m pretty sure Pepper Jack is not thrilled to have another younger brother. 

Cody is vocal and likes to play, especially on walks. He typically gets a running start and rams into Pepper’s side. Not getting a reaction, Cody will then start barking in Pepper’s face. 

Pepper stands his ground until dad turns away. That is when Pepper sets Cody straight and shows him who’s boss. 

Upon adopting Cody, the shelter gave us a folder stuffed with paperwork. 

His previous humans claimed he wasn’t housebroken and nipped when tired of human interaction. 

Maybe he was just on his best behavior the past few weeks, but we have not seen him do either of those things. 

In fact, just the opposite. Cody — like most dogs — loves his belly rubbed. He will get plenty of belly rubs during his tenure in the Zoo. 



I rebounded with a 3-1 record in the divisional round, but I wish I would have been 2-2. 

In typical Seattle fashion, the Seahawks fell behind in the first half and turned to Russell Wilson to save the game in the second half. 

Unfortunately, the 18-point deficit to Green Bay was just too much for Wilson to overcome.

The Super Bowl matchup will be decided on Sunday. 




In November, San Francisco topped Green Bay 37-8.

Aaron Rodgers passed for 104 yards and watched as backup quarterback Tim Boyle finished the game. 

Round 2 should be closer, but the result will remain the same.

San Francisco will shut down Davante Adams and control the game on the ground with Raheem Mostert, Tevin Coleman and Matt Breida to punch its first trip to the Super Bowl since 2013. 

San Francisco 28, Green Bay 14 



As the No. 6 seed, Tennessee has taken out No. 3 New England and top seed Baltimore the past two weeks to reach the AFC Championship game. 

Derrick Henry is a beast, but if the Titans want to advance to the Super Bowl, they will have to keep pace with the high-scoring Chiefs, who overcame a 24-point first-quarter deficit to blowout Houston last week. 

This is the second straight season that the Chiefs are hosting a championship game, and this time, they will end their 50-year Super Bowl drought. 

Kansas City 45, Tennessee 24 




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