Kodiak’s Josh Nummer, the reigning state wrestler of the year, opened his senior season with a runner-up finish at the Houston Altercation on Saturday at Houston High School. 

Nummer worked his way to the 171-pound title bout where he would lose to South Anchorage’s Jacob Anderson, 6-2.

Nummer was the only player out of Kodiak’s five wrestlers that attended the first meet of the season. 

The Bears did have success at the Wasilla Junior Varsity Scramble. 

Micah Fields (140), Orion Harper (189), Olivia Troxell (135A) and Emily Lorring (135B) all won titles. 

Fields defeated Lathrop’s Luke Millam, 8-1; Harper won by injury default over Bartlett’s Carl Pugay; Troxell pinned Redington’s Elena Pauda in the first round; Lorring pinned Wasilla’s Eliana Dovba a minute into the match. 

Kodiak will compete in Homer this Friday and Saturday. 

Houston Altercation 

Kodiak results

119 pounds — Gage Lorring

Quarterfinal — Alex Buck, Glennallen, p. Gage Lorring, 5:01

Cons. Round 2 — Gage Lorring p. Justin Kim, Kotzebue, 4:55,

Cons. Round 3 — Jonathan Kirby, Redington, dec. Gage Lorring, 7-1. 

135 — Brayden Stevens

Champ. Round 1 — Brayden Stevens m.d. Devon Truelove, West Valley, 11-2. 

Quarterfinal - Jacob Isaacson, Chugiak, p. Brayden Stevens, 2:22. 

Cons. Round 2 — Brayden Stevens m.d. Zac Loutzenhiser, Colony, 8-0. 

Cons. Round 3 — August Jewell, Cordova p. Brayden Stevens, 1:46. 

160 — James Goodman 

Champ. Round 1 — James Goodman, dec. Hayden Brinkman, South, 7-4. 

Quarterfinal — James Goodman p. Colton Jones, Redington, 1:38. 

Semifinal — Rylan Randolph-Oxholm, Dimond, d. James Goodman, 2-1. 

Cons. Semi — Michael Chaput, South, p. James Goodman, 1:57. 

160 — Chase Demucha

Champ. Round 1 — Asa Barnes, Pal, won by injury default over Chase Demucha.

Cons. Round 1 — Ronald Waska, Galena, dec. Chase Demucha, 14-7. 

171 — 2. Josh Nummer

Champ. Round 1 — Josh Nummer p. Jared Heaston, Chugiak, 1:33. 

Quarterfinal — Josh Nummer p. Chase Eber, Grace, 2:24. 

Semifinal — Josh Nummer m.d. Kael Gerlach, Glennallen, 12-2. 

First-Place Match — Jacob Anderson, South, dec. Josh Nummer, 6-2.

Wasilla JV scramble


119 — 6. Igan Galindez

Round 1 - Robbi Schachle, Wasilla, p. Igan Galindez, 1:19. 

Round 3 - Steven Lanners-Templin, Col, p. Igan Galindez, 2:53. 

Consolation Bracket - Igan Galindez won by forfeit over Aidan Scott, Colony.

5th Place Match - Tucker Mocan, Redinbgton, won by disqualification over Igan Galindez.

140 — 1. Micah Fields

Round 1 - Micah Fields p. Gideon Mulkey, Wasilla, 1:20. 

Round 2 - Micah Fields p. Bradley Fitka, Galena, :37. 

Round 3 - Micah Fields p. Gabe Beaudoin, Wasilla, 5:57. 

Championship Bracket - Micah Fields p. Blake Owens, Palmer, 5:06. 

1st Place Match - Micah Fields  dec. Luke Millam, Lathrop, 8-1. 

152A — Terrance Schoenwether

Round 1 - Gaige Moore, Bartlett, p. Terrance Schoenwether, :22.

Round 2 - Terrance Schoenwether, p. Mason Hull, Eagle River, 5:09. 

Round 3 - Kaiden Henry, Wasilla, p.  Terrance Schoenwether, :27. 

Consolation Bracket - John Gosh, Redington, p. Terrance Schoenwether, 2:23. 

Seventh-Place Match - Terrance Schoenwether, p. Mason Hull, Eagle River, 2:40. 

152B — 6. Micheal Hardy

Round 1 - Daniel Brooks, Chugiak, p. Micheal Hardy, :47. 

Round 2 - Dylan Holmes, Colony, p. Micheal Hardy, 1:56. 

Round 3 - Jaden Spaulding, Redington, p. Micheal Hardy, 1:37. 

Consolation Bracket - Micheal Hardy, p. Robert McGee, West Valley, 1:36. 

Fifth-Place Match - Dylan Holmes, Colony, p. Micheal Hardy, 2:07. 

189 — 1. Orion Harper 

Round 2 - Orion Harper, p. Tyler Inman, Wasilla, :48

Round 3 - Orion Harper, p. Gabe Garcia, Grace, 1:12. 

Championship Bracket - Orion Harper, p. Dallas Smith, Redington, :57. 

First-Place Match - Orion Harper won by injury default over Carl Pugay, Bartlett. 


135A — 1. Olivia Troxell

Round 1 - Olivia Troxell, p. Elena Padua, Redington, :35. 

Round 3 - Olivia Troxell, p. Kalayia Fawcett, Wasilla, :42. 

Championship Bracket - Olivia Troxell, p. Anastasia Tinker, Galena, :23. 

First-Place Match - Olivia Troxell, p. Elena Padua, Redington, :51. 

135B — 1. Emily Lorring

Round 1 - Emily Lorring, p. Bradyn Boswell, Eagle River, 1:22. 

Round 2 - Emily Lorring, p. Olivia Hess, Redington, 1:19.

Round 3 - Emily Lorring, p. Zya Taylor, Cordova, :29. 

Championship Bracket - Emily Lorring, p. Lexi Seymore, Redington, 1:33. 

First-Place Match - Emily Lorring p. Eliana Dovba, Wasilla, 1:06.

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