Lanford, Valley tops in marathon

Howard Valley runs on Anton Larsen Road during KMXT’s Run the Rock race Saturday. Valley won the men’s marathon. (Derek Clarkston photo)

Howard Valley has the book “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” to thank for his late-blooming running career.

Valley, 62, read the book last year and decided to give running a try.

He competed in the 5-kilometer portion of KMXT’s Run the Rock last year.

“I wasn’t too fast at it,” Valley said.

This year Valley jumped up to a longer race — the marathon.

And he did pretty well.

Valley, born and raised in Kodiak, won the men’s marathon in 3 hours, 56 minutes, 53 seconds.

His goal was to cover the 26.2 miles in under 4:30.

Mission accomplished.

“I just hoped I could run a marathon some time and I was feeling good enough to do it this year,” he said.

Fairbanks runner Jane Lanford won the women’s and overall title.

Her time of 3:45.45 broke Crystal Hudak’s course record time of 4:02:27 set in 2007 — the first year of Run the Rock.

“For the hills and this course, I am really happy with that,” Lanford said.

“The weather was gorgeous,” she added. “The course was beautiful. You couldn’t have asked for a better day on a scenic course.”

Lanford took the lead around mile 13. At that point she started looking for bears.

“I didn’t see any,” she said.

Last year, Lanford flew to Kodiak to run in the marathon, but due to mudslides on the course the race was canceled.

She has now run in 11 different marathons in the state. Her goal is to run in every state marathon.

Steve Rounsaville finished second and Justin Sekerak third in the men’s marathon in times of 4:24:47 and 4:31:32.

Bonni Brooks placed second and Winona Goodwin third in the women’s marathon with times of 4:46.38 and 5:40:05.

Brian Glaspell won the men’s half marathon in 1:27:40. Ryan Gann finished second in 1:36.03.

Sally Skimin won the women’s half marathon with a course-record time of 1:34:02. Sarah Rohrer placed second in 1:36:02.

Anu Parekh won the men’s 10K race in 41:10, while Michelle Parekh won the women’s 10K in 44:50.

Derrek Deal won the men’s 5K in a course-record time of 17:38, while Jaymi Bethea won the girls in a course-record time of 18:51.

A total of 228 runners particpated.

Top 5

Marathon: Women — 1. Jane Lanford, 3 hours, 45 minutes, 45 seconds; 2. Bonni Brooks, 4:46:38; 3. Winona Godwin, 5:40:05; 4. Martha McKinney, 5:47:17. Men — 1. Howard Valley, 3:56:53; 2. Steve Rounsaville, 4:24:47; 3. Justin Sekerak, 4:31:32; 4. Anthony Will, 4:31:32; 5. Charles Pettyjohn, 5:58:28.

Half marathon: Women — 1. Sally Skimin, 1:34:02; 2. Sarah Rohrer, 1:36:02; 3. Jennifer Foster, 1:41:41; 4. Kathryn Symmes, 1:45:13; 5. Keather Onders, 1:48:27. Men — 1. Brian Glaspell, 1:27:40; 2. Ryan Gann, 1:36:03; 3. Donald Zimmerman, 1:38:50; 4. David Sundberg, 1:40:03; 5. James DeShazo, 1:42;34.

10K: Women — 1. Michelle Parakh, 44:50; 2. Me Inokoma, 45:20; 3. Kathleen Dunbar, 46:14; 4. Betsy Lund, 50:03; 5. McKenzie Barnett, 51:09; 5. Kari Millstein, 51:09. Men — 1. Anu Parakh, 41:10; 2. Collin Barraugh, 45:07; 3. Robert Stauffer, 49:07; 4. Donald Rhinehart, 49:32; 5. Mica Linscheid, 49:59.

5K: Women — 1. Jaymi Bethea, 18:51; 2. Sarah Ng, 21:15; 3. Allie Smith, 22:04; 4. Jenny Ng Hoffert, 22:17; 5. Robyn Smith, 24:20. Men — 1. Derrek Deal, 17:38; 2. Levi Thomet, 18:38; 3. Caleb Nymeyer, 18:47; 4. Jordan Fogle, 18:51; 5. Cole Christensen, 18:51.

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