A few weeks ago, on one of my walks home from work, I checked in with Grandma C. 

For those who forgot, Grandma C hangs out in Wasilla. She is 92 and, for the most part, lives on her own. 

She recently had a wisdom tooth extracted. Yes, you read that correctly. At the age of 92, she had a wisdom tooth removed. I was shocked. 92! 

This lady, who has been living in Alaska before it was a state, has been wearing dentures since the age of 23. I should have asked why she had to get fake teeth at such a young age, but didn’t. 

I spent most of my childhood in Washington state but spent summers in Anchorage visiting my grandparents — they lived within walking distance of the Dimond Mall. 

Grandma C is a stickler for brushing teeth. Every night, she reminded me it was time to clean the choppers. Her persistence was annoying back then, but now we both laugh when she tells me to brush my teeth during visits. 

I’m proud to say that I’ve never had a cavity. 

Grandma C’s dentist deemed it was time to remove her bottom left wisdom tooth. 

During the conversation, we joked that she probably set a record for being the oldest person to have a wisdom tooth pulled. 

Heck, I was in middle school when all four of mine were extracted. I looked like a chipmunk. I can only imagine what Grandma C looked like afterward. There is no evidence because she doesn’t own a cell phone to take selfies. 

She said she was given pills to help with the pain and resisted the urge to go dancing following the surgery. 

I failed to verify if she was the oldest person to have a wisdom tooth pulled, but I did discover that Robert Gray owns the Guinness World Record for being the oldest person to grow a wisdom tooth. 

Gray was 94 when a doctor in California discovered his wisdom tooth in 2017. 

Recently, I’ve had a lot of time to kill so, out of curiosity, I searched “teeth brushing” on the Guinness World Records website.

The most exciting record I found was the most people brushing dogs’ teeth simultaneously. 

That record was established by 268 people in Hong Kong in 2012.  

I say after the COVID-19 scare is over, Kodiak residents need to gather with their pooches to take down China’s record.    


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