City League Basketball

Wednesday, Nov. 6

Airstation 86, RC Enterprise 68

Jacob Dillon 22, Sean Donohue 20, Mike Koehler 10, Jesse Williams 8, Mark Lyon 7, Bob Hornick 7, Shane Williams 5, Joe Mackey 4 and Lance Nation 3 points for Airstation. David Diocares Jr. 22, Randy Diocares 18, Peter Inthavong 13, TJ Agmata 8, Tyson Miranda 5 and Eli Deardruff 2 points for RC Enterprise.

Commsta Kodiak 54, Real NOJ 53

Brett Lawson 20, Heath Hardison 13, Jacob Gerasimof 9, Sam Gainer 7 and Jose Leiva 5 points for Commsta Kodiak. Lonnie Rigsby 17, Dylan Haskell 12, Justin Spencer 10, Ryan McRobert 6, Bryan Larson 5 and Aaron Coggins 3 points for Real NOJ.

Island Espresso 56, Associated Island Brokers 42

Juan Ruiz 19, Levi Fried 13, Jemuel Mangalus 6, Edmil Balila 5, Joh Koller 4, Noah Koller 4, James Schnick 3 and Brandon Ensley 2 points for Island Espresso. Bong Ocampo 15, Hector Acosta 7, Dennis Javier 7, Alfie Arevalo 6, Victor Garcia 2, Jerome Pineda 2 and Bem Barcelon 2 points for Associated Island Brokers.

St. Innocent’s 60, St Herman’s Hermits 39

Anton Gonopolskiy 14, David Young 12, John Hartung 8, Stephan Wood 7, Aidan Hoyle 6, Bernie Stallard 6, Ephraim Babbitt 5 and Peter Pletnikoff 2 points for St. innocent's. Oscar Olsen 24, Jason Isaac 8, Leonard Wassillie 3, John Askoak 2 and Edward Trefon 2 points for St. Herman's Hermits.

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