DEREK CLARKSTON/Kodiak Daily Mirror

Teanna Amodo of the Kodiak ESS volleyball team, hits the ball during a scrimmage against the Kodiak High School C squad team Friday at the Kodiak High School gym.  

Who needs to practice? 

The Kodiak ESS volleyball team assembled for the first time on Friday, and without a practice this season, defeated the Kodiak High School C squad team in a best-of-five match.

That thrilled coach Phyllis Amodo and made her optimistic as the team prepares for a tournament in Nikolaevsk this weekend. 

Kodiak ESS — a mixed-six team comprised of eight rural students — qualified for the state tournament last season. The team returns three players off last year’s squad — Teanna Amodo, Ryan-Lind Charliaga and Angel Christiansen.

The rest of the team consists of Anthony Boskofsky, Desiree Eluska, Angel Eluska, Ariana Amodo and Jazmine White-Amodo. 

The players hail from Akiok, Karluk and Old Harbor.

“We are learning as we go,” Phyllis Amodo said. “It will be interesting to see how they play as a team because I only have six of the eight with me this weekend.” 

The coach said because of budget cuts, the team only has two competitions this season — the tournament in Nikolaevsk and the Denali Conference Championships Nov. 21-23 in Nikolaevsk. 

The top two teams in the regional tournament advance to the mix-six state tournament.  

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