Atonio earns second-team All-NLC honors

Kodiak's Anthony Atonio runs the ball during a home game against Barrow in August at Joe Floyd Track and Field.

Three Kodiak football players were selected onto the Northern Lights Conference All-Conference team.

Senior Michael Atonio earned second-team honors as a fullback and inside linebacker.

As a fullback, Atonio rushed for 255 yards and four touchdowns on 27 carries.

Senior Riley McFarlin was an honorable mention for running back, while senior Quincy Dingus was an honorable mention for offensive guard.

McFarlin led Kodiak with 773 rushing yards and nine touchdowns on 95 carries.

Northern Lights Confernce All-Conference team

Coach of the year — Eric Pomerleau, Skyview.

Offensive player of the year — Robbie Smithwick, Soldotna.

Defensive player of the year — Kyle Rogers, Kenai.

Lineman of the year — Dakota Elsey, Soldotna.


First team

Quarterback — AJ Hull, Kenai. Halfback — Robbie Smithwick, Soldotna; Kai Risung, Kenai. Fullback — Phil Bennett, Soldotna. Wide receiver — Albert White, Skyview. Tight end — Alex Nason, Kenai. Tackle — David Anthony Lopez, Soldotna; Todd Kruger, Kenai. Guard — Dakota Elsey, Soldotna; Kyle Rogers, Kenai. Center — Tyler Marcuson, Soldotna. Long snapper — Tyler Marcuson, Soldotna. Kicker — Robbie Smithwick, Soldotna. Return specialist — Albert White, Skyview.

Second team

Quarterback — Jordan Jones, Skyview. Halfback — Brandon Dukes, Houston; Auston Tennis, Soldotna. Fullback — Michael Antonio, Kodiak. Wide receiver — Robin Glosser, Homer; Richard Reynolds, Skyview. Tight end — Garrett Bosick, Soldotna. Tackle — Phillip Pease, Houston; DJ Diaz, Skyview. Guard — Mitch Wyatt, Homer; Vlad Ferderer, Skyview. Center — Richie Ziehmer, Kenai. Long snapper — Mitch Wyatt, Homer. Kicker — Robin Glosser, Homer. Return specialist — AJ Hull, Kenai.

Honorable mention

Quarterback — Tanner Fowler, Soldotna. Halfback — Riley McFarlin, Kodiak; Hoss Frank, Homer; Dyllan Day, Homer. Fullback — Tyler Glidden, Kenai; Tayler Downs, Homer. Wide receiver — Brett Lapham, Houston. Tight end — Devon Kennelty, Homer. Tackle — Ross Kalke, Homer. Guard — Quincy Dingus, Kodiak; Joeben Hawkins, Skyview. Center — Todd Lee, Houston. Return specialist — Phil Bennett, Soldotna.


First team

Outside linebacker — Tayler Downs, Homer; Garrett Bosick, Soldotna. Inside linebacker — Tate Syverson, Soldotna; Kyle Rogers, Kenai. Defensive back — AJ Hull, Kenai; Robin Glosser, Homer; Albert White, Skyview. Interior lineman — Dakota Elsey, Soldotna; Alex Rodriguez, Skyview; Tyler Marcuson, Soldotna; Richie Ziehmer, Kenai. Punter — Robbie Smithwick, Soldotna. Utility player — Cody Shealy, Homer.

Second team

Outside linebacker — Tyler Glidden, Kenai; Robbie Smithwick, Soldotna; Brandon Dukes, Houston; Jordan McNamara, Skyview. Inside linebacker — Mitch Wyatt, Homer; Michael Atonio, Kodiak. Defensive back -- Richard Reynolds, Skyview; Phil Bennett, Soldotna; Dante Diaz, Kenai. Interior lineman — Ross Kalke, Homer; Jordan Ingles, Skyview; Colton Buzby, Houston; Alex Nason, Kenai; Greg Necas, Houston; Charlie Buzby, Houston. Punter — AJ Hull, Kenai. Utility player — Nick Symonds, Skyview.

Honorable mention

Outside linebacker — Kai Risung, Kenai. Inside linebacker — Vlad Ferderer, Skyview; Kyle Dougherty, Kenai; Jared Duncan, Soldotna. Defensive back — Auston Tennis, Soldotna; Jonathan Jester, Homer. Punter — Robin Glosser, Homer. Utility player — Dawson Pearson, Soldotna.

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