Rounsaville wins Pursuit Mile

Steve Rounsaville runs during the Bases Loaded Pursuit Mile at Joe Floyd Track and Field Tuesday afternoon. (Sam Friedman photo)

Steve Rounsaville won the Bases Loaded Pursuit Mile Tuesday at Joe Floyd Track and Field.

Rounsaville started one minute behind Jennifer Parnell but caught up to her on the homestretch for a time of 6 minutes, 46 seconds. Parnell finished second at 7:51.

James Osowski recorded the fastest mile time at 4:48. He finished eighth after starting 3:20 behind everybody else.

1. Steve Rounsaville, 6 minutes, 46 seconds; 2. Jennifer Parnell, 7:51; 3. Marcus Dunbar, 5:06; 4. Derrek Deal, 5:06; 5. Michael Parnell, 6:03; 6. Sawyer Olsen, 5:50; 7. Jake Salus, 5:06; 8. James Osowski, 4:48; 9. Allie Smith, 5:59; 10. Caleb Nymeyer, 5:04; 11. Don Rush, 6:11; 12. David Peterson, 5:31; 13. Cole Christiansen, 4:58; 14. Nathan Deer, 4:58; 15. Stephan Parnell, 6:54; 16. Robyn Smith, 7:00p; 18. Sonia Cortez, 6:56; 19. Ashley Henning, 8:13; 20. Kari Millstein, 6:33; 21. Hannah Dunbar, 8:16; 22. Tiffany Bolyard, 6:44; 23. Hannah Glover, 9:03; 24. Katie Parnell.

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