Pepper Jack has acquired a strange addiction — eating off the kitchen floor. 

That doesn’t sound odd for a dog who routinely licks scraps off sidewalks and crumbs off shirts. But it is. 

You see, he puts his nose up to eating kibble off a plate. Put that same kibble on the floor, and he nibbles it piece by piece. That leads to a minefield of dog food that we humans have to navigate. 

Quarantine life even makes dogs do bizarre things.

The two pups in the Clarkston Zoo have been living like kings during this coronavirus period. More walks than their little legs can handle. 

Pepper Jack starts strong, but by the fourth outing, he prefers rolling in the grass than exploring the neighborhood. 

We have walked all over town and log between 6 to 10 miles a day, which might explain why the dogs enjoy resting in bed. 

Wednesday night, I came close to losing a few digits as I failed to move Cody off my side of the bed. I gave up, covered him with a weighted blanket, and squeezed into the tiny space he had left for me. I woke up with a kink in my lower back. 

Maybe the soreness in my back was from returning to the gym. 

Thanks to Gov. Mike Dunleavy, gyms across Alaska were permitted to reopen last Friday. I took advantage of that and returned — with Lady Human — on Saturday for the first time since March 10.

The young me would have jumped right in, but the old me knew better and eased into it. Still, my body ended up sore — the curls with canned beans just didn’t cut it.  

Returning to the gym has brought some normality back into my life. Probably everybody’s life. 

It’s been fun catching up and mulling over a world without sports with other patrons.

I’ve been able to survive without sports for this long, but if games don’t start happening soon, I might join Pepper Jack for dinner.  


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