A pair of sporting events highlight Fourth of July in Kodiak.

The July Fourth 10-Kilometer Run and Walk begins outside of the entrance of the Coast Guard Base at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Walkers start at 9 a.m. Registration for the free race will be taken up to 8:45 a.m.  

The race finishes in the parking lot of the Convention Center.   

The City of Kodiak Parks and Recreation race has been an island tradition since 1980.

The course is in honor of former Kodiak city pool manager Steve King, who would make the walk every Fourth of July.

The men’s course record belongs to Joe Alward, who clocked a time of 33 minutes, 2 seconds in 2002.

The women’s record belongs to former Kodiak High School great Kristi Waythomas (Klinnert) with a time of 37:50 in 1989.

Tanner Anderson, Levi Fried, Michael Parnell, Keith Osowski and Levi Thomet all shared last year’s men’s title by crossing the line together in 35 minutes, 54 seconds. 

Julie Brown won the women’s field, finishing in 43:15, the fastest time since 2013. 

A total of 66 runners/walkers participated in last year’s race. 


The Red, White and Blue Tournament begins at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the Bear Valley Golf Course. 

The 18-hole, two-person scramble tournament is $40 per team, plus green fees.   


The first Independence Open — a two-day bowling tournament — will begin Saturday at Tropic Lanes. 

All bowlers will bowl five qualifying games on Saturday. The top 16 will advance to Sunday’s double-elimination bracket. 

Entry fee is $75. 

July Fourth 10K Run and 

Walk past results

2017: Men — Tanner Anderson, Levi Fried, Michael Parnell, Keith Osowski, Levi Thomet, 35 minutes, 54 seconds; women — Julie Brown, 43:15. 2016: Curtis Mortenson, 35:37; Arielle Himelbloom, 46:14. 2015: Levi Fried, 35:42; Arielle Himelbloom, 48:45. 2014: Levi Fried, 36:42; Zoe Bigley, 44:47; 2014:  2013: Lucas Fried, 34:088 seconds; Jaymie Bethea, 42:05. 2012: Curtis Mortenson, 36:21 seconds; Adriane Horn, 44:30. 2011: Sam Salus, 35:31; Sarah Rohrer, 44:59. 2010: Dylan Anthony, 35:19; Chloe Ivanoff, 41:30. 2009: Miles Dunbar, 35:17; Chloe Ivanoff, 42:09. 2008: Sam Salus, 36:01; Chloe Ivanoff, 44:01. 2007: Trevor Dunbar, 33:25; Abby Reed, 44:26. 2006: Cory Pena, 35:37; Erin Barres, 51:35. 2005: Marcus Dunbar, 36:27:32; Kathleen Dunbar, 44:09:89. 2004: Marcus Dunbar, 35:54:79; Jennifer Creelman, 45:11:88. 2003: Marcus Dunbar, 35:18; Kathleen Dunbar, 42:03. 2002: Joe Alward, 33:02 (Course record); Kathleen Dunbar, 42:03. 2001: Marcus Dunbar, 33:36; Kathleen Dunbar/Jenny Ng, 42:45. 2000: Marcus Dunbar, 33:33; Jenny Ng, 40:45. 1999: Curtis Mortenson, 36:34; Kathleen Dunbar, 41:48:25. 1998: Marcus Dunbar, 33:04; Jenny Ng, 41:32. 1997: Joel Wattum, 36:14; Sara Wattum, 52:30. 1996: Lance Westing, 36:52; Jane Saur, 44:37. 1995: Jason Beatty, 36:15:06; Kristen Donaldson, 43:04:99. 1994: Lance Westing, 36:02; Kristen Donaldson, 42:25. 1993: Jack Hambridge, 37:22; Kristen Donaldson, 43:01. 1992: Marty Bach, 35:00; Kristen Donaldson, 45:27. 1991: Ian Scholz, 39:36:83; Mona Cuthbert, no time. 1990: No results. 1989: Bill Donaldson, 35:21:36; Kristi Klinnert, 37:50:23 (Course record). 1988: Bill Donaldson, 36:27; Susan Killen, 48:16. 1987: Tom Gratham, 35:01; Kristi Klinnert, 38:37.

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