Most ideas come to me while walking the dogs. I’m not sure how that is possible because I’m continually barking their names to control them — mostly Cody’s name. 

On a snowy walk last weekend, I realized how Cody and Pepper Jack — despite being nearly the same breed — have two completely different personalities.

Cody loves snow. He hops around like a bunny, going in and out of snowdrifts twice his size. No drift is too big for Cody, the kamikaze pooch. What he really gets a kick out of is rolling around in the cold white stuff, making snow dogs in our neighbor’s yards. I suppose an image of a snow dog is better than the neighbors finding another surprise in the yard. 

Pepper Jack was meant for Arizona. He is a fair-weather walker. He needs to be kick-started, and once he gets outside and notices snow on the ground, he beelines back in the house.

Our old man finds tire or foot tracks to walk in. It’s quite humorous watching him navigate through snow. In deep snow, he walks me — I clear the path while he follows behind on his leash.

The disparities between the two don’t stop there. 

Cody grrrr’s when he doesn’t want to be picked up. Pepper Jack licks when he gets picked up. 

Cody is passionate about toys. Pepper Jack plays with toys on occasion. 

Cody sits on laps for a few minutes. Pepper Jack camps out on laps. 

Cody chases shadow the cat. Pepper Jack watches. 

Cody thinks he is a sumo dog. Pepper Jack would rather be a spectator from a ringside seat. 

Cody appreciates a belly rub. Pepper Jack prefers to be itched behind the ears. 

Cody eats from a plate. Pepper Jack prefers to nibble off the floor. 

Cody gently takes treats. Pepper Jack grabs goodies. 

Cody urinates at will. Pepper Jack needs encouragement. 

Cody greets us at the door. Pepper Jack waits to be greeted. 

I could go on, but the point is all dogs are different. That is what makes living in the Clarkston Zoo entertaining.  

According to there are six general personality types for dogs — aggressive, confident, outgoing, adaptable, insecure and independent. 

After reading about each personality, I would classify Cody as outgoing and peg Pepper Jack as insecure. 

According to Lady Human, they share one thing in common: “They are both cute,” she said.

Finally, kudos to Daily Mirror editor Douglas Long for running a photo of a dog three times this week on the front page.

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