Courtesy of Matt Kiefer

Dylan Kavanaugh (holding pin) won the Sunday Sweeper bowling tournament Sunday at Tropic Lanes. Philip Obas, left, Jason Chambers and Brent Kenui finished in the top 4. 

Dylan Kavanaugh escaped a quarterfinal scare to win the first Sunday Sweeper of the bowling season at Tropic Lanes. 

Kavanaugh edged Abby Horn in the quarterfinals by two pins, then picked up wins over Josh Obas, Brent Kenui and Philip Obas to claim the title. 

He defeated Philip Obas — the top seed after four qualfying games — in the championship game with a two-game, handicap score of 416-322.

Jason Chambers took out Kenui, 413-388, for third place. 

The sweeper was bowled on a sport oil pattern, which is tougher than the standard league oil pattern.   


Sunday Sweeper

Championship (two games)

Dylan Kavanaugh def. Philip Obas, 416-322. 

Third/fourth-place (two games)

Jason Chambers def. Brent Kenui, 413-388. 

Semifinals (two games)

Philip Obas def. Jason Chambers, 418-351; Dylan Kavanaugh def. Brent Kenui, 403-395. 

Quarterfinals (two games)

Philip Obas def. Bryan Horn, 375-363; Jason Chambers, 412-394; Dylan Kavanaugh def. Josh Obas, 388-315; Brent Kenui def. Alvin Arboleda, 470-326. 

First round (two games)

Josh Obas def. Mike Trussell, 387-349; Dylan Kavanaugh def. Abby Horn, 438-436; Brent Kenui def. James Glenn, 369-336; Alvin Arboleda def. Cindy Trussell, 378-349; Philip Obas def. Dustin Ohler, 446-299; Bryan Horn def. Kelvin Nelson, 402-391; Michelle Nelson def. Dave Smith, 395-365; Jason Chambers def. Robbie Greene, 415-337. 

Qualyfing (four games)

1. Philip Obas, 837; 2. James Glenn, 796; 3. Josh Obas, 785; 4. Michelle Nelson, 775; 5. Jason Chambers, 768; 6. Dylan Kavanaugh, 751; 7. Alvin Arboleda, 746; 8. Kelvin Nelson, 744; 9. Bryan Horn, 741; 10. Cindy Trussell, 740; 11. Abby Horn, 737; 12. Robbie Greene, 730; 13. Dave Smith, 727; 14. Mike Trussell, 724; 15. Brent Kenui, 716; 16. Dustin Ohler, 711; 17. Bob Gunderson, 696; 18. Janet Baker, 693; 19. Guy Shuravloff, 691; 20. Keith Morin, 679; 21. Dan Kiefer, 657; 22. David Putnam, 646; 23. Jen Gunderson, 640; 24. Derek Clarkston, 634.


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