Don’t count out Cole Christiansen just yet.

The past two meets, Christiansen finished second to teammate Levi Thomet.

On Friday, Christiansen reversed the order at the Kodiak Invitational.

The senior led from start to finish to register his first win of the season in a four-team cross country meet at Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park.

His winning time of 16 minutes, 2 seconds is the third quickest time produced on the course, while Thomet’s second-place time of 16:10 is the fourth fastest.

Christiansen’s and Thomet’s lightening-quick performances took some of the sting away from West Valley ending Kodiak’s 22-meet Fort Abercrombie winning streak.

The Fairbanks-based school, arguably the best 4A team in the state, edged Kodiak by four points to hand the Bears their first home-course defeat since 2000.

“Streaks need to be broken just to keep you recharging and going for a new one,” Kodiak coach Marcus Dunbar said. “Grace (Christian) comes in two weeks and we will start a new streak.”

West Valley coach Dan Callahan was unaware of his team snapping Kodiak’s decade-long win streak.

“I didn’t know that streak, but I’m not surprised that there was that streak because Kodiak has such a strong history,” the sixth-year coach said. “We wanted to beat them and we wanted to be running together and have as many kids in the top 10 that we could.”

West Valley placed six runners in the top nine and finished with 27 points, while Kodiak had 31 points.

Christiansen said the team talked about the streak before the race, but after the gun went off he switched his focus to staying out front.

The past two weeks Christiansen’s lost the lead to Thomet during the final stretches of the race; this time he widen the gap in the final kilometer.

“I saw that he was working extra hard on the hills, so I ran a little smoother and carried my momentum,” Christiansen said.

Dunbar expected Christiansen to come through with a big performance.

“He had some adrenaline going and was able to push the pace and really force it,” Dunbar said.

“I discouraged him from going out that hard the last two races and today I took the leash off and said, ‘hey go for it.’ This is the race, besides state, that I really wanted to push for.”

Kodiak’s girls earned a 13-point team victory over West Valley, while Kotzebue was third.

“They (West Valley) were the favorites coming in and for us to beat them the way we did, we really stepped up,” Dunbar said.

The Bears’ Adriane Horn, who led the majority of the race, was passed by West Valley’s Dorothy O’Donnell with about a kilometer to go.

O’Donnell went onto win in 20:35, while Horn was second in 20:46.

“She caught me at the top of the forest hill and she just got a big gap and I couldn’t make it up,” Horn said. “I had a feeling that she would stick behind me the whole race and pass me at the end.”

Kodiak’s Leah Cawthorn, Marley Wilkins and Sarah Ng rounded out the top five.

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1. Cole Christiansen, Kod, 16 minutes, 2 seconds; 2. Levi Thomet, Kod, 16:10; 3. Peter Noon, WV, 16:32; 4. Erich Hoefler, WV, 16:48; 5. Kuba Grzeda, WV, 17:01; 6. Levi Fried, Kod, 17:02; 7. Max Donaldson, WV, 17:09; 8. Mikko Sayre, WV, 17:16; 9. Tristan Sayre, WV, 17:18; 10. Julian McCarthy, Kod, 17:27; 11. Jonathan Koenig, WV, 17:45; 12. Clayton Hannah, Kod, 17:58; 13. Sam Kendall, WV, 18:00; 14. Hayden Foster, Kod, 18:04; 15. Elisha Fields, Kod, 18:05; 16. Jon LeVan, Kod, 18:05; 17. Jesse May, WV, 18:13; 18. Spencer Herron, WV, 18:25; 19. Bobby Signor, WV, 18:39; 20. Anthony Rubina, Kod, 18:43; 21. Sam Janorschke, Sky, 18:43; 22. Ethan Berkeland, WV, 19:12; 23. Brenner Musgrave, Sky, 19:16; 24. Zach Smith, Kod, 19:23; 25. Cory Johnson, WV, 19:36; 26. Grant Ackerman, WV, 19:44; 27. Kade Cooper, Sky, 19:46; 28. Gary Eakin, Kotz, 19:53; 29. David Swenson, WV, 19:53; 30. Shuler Daniel, Sky, 20:00. 31. Michael Parnell, Kod, 20:03; 32. Isaiah Savok, Kotz, 20:17; 33. Kyle Austin, Sky, 20:26; 34. Jeremiah Gallahorn, Kotz, 20:55; 35. Mikey Dewey, WV, 21:00; 36. Gregorio Ibabao, Kod, 21:01; 37. Ivan Kvapil, WV, 21:08; 38. Joe Doerksen, Kod, 21:12; 39. Josh Roetman, Kotz, 21:12; 40. Gus Nelson, Kotz, 21:17; 41. Abe Walton, Kod, 21:19; 42. Joel Smith, Kod, 21:23; 43. Joseph Valley, Kod, 21:25; 44. Spencer Woods, Kotz, 21:29; 45. Casey MacCheyne, WV, 21:31; 46. Andrew Caballa, Kod, 21:36; 47. Morgan Moir, Kod, 21:44; 48. Ben Phillips, Kotz, 21:44; 49. Justin Hannah, WV, 22:04; 50. Will Dumm, Kod, 22:40; 51. Richie McKinney, Kod, 23:25; 52. Joey Mauer, Kod, 23:28; 53. Coltin Yancey, Sky, 23:32; 54. Dylan Smock, WV, 23:51; 55. Aaron Hocum, Kod, 24:23; 56. David Brown, Kod, 24:34; 57. Brandon Mahle, Kod, 25:01; 58. Danny Zimmer, Kod, 25:09; 59. Jesse Boze, Sky, 26:42; 60. Josh Skrip, WV, 27:03; 61. Jeffery Peterson, 27:14; 62. Eli Simmons, WV, 27:49; 63. Brennan Mitzel, Sky, 28:17; 64. Kelty Fair, Sky, 30:37; 65. Vincent Smith, WV, 31:43.


1. Dorothy O’Donnell, WV, 20:35; 2. Adriane Horn, Kod, 20:46; 3. Leah Cawthorn, Kod, 21:05; 4. Marley Wilkins, Kod, 21:20; 5. Sarah Ng, Kod, 21:29; 6. Tamara Fairbanks, WV, 21:46; 8. McKenzie Barnett, Kod, 22:06; 9. Sarah Lilly, WV, 22:18; 10. Zoe Bigley, Kod, 22:58; 11. Shannon Armstrong, Kod, 22:59; 12. Hope Allen, WV, 23:16; 13. Kahye Yu, Kod, 23:23; 14. Kari Millstein, Kod, 23:40; 15. Tiffany Bolyard, Kod, 23:56; 16. Sarah Jackson, WV, 24:12; 17. Isabelle Hiner, Kod, 24:14; 18. Emma O’Connor, WV, 24:36; 19. Leah Rasmussen, WV, 24:41; 20. Mandi Cox, Kod, 24:50; 21. Abby Bravo, WV, 25:07; 22. Kay Rippy, WV, 25:10; 23. Astrid Schick, Kod, 25:30; 24. Holly Valley, Kod, 25:34; 25. Chaenl Simon, WV, 25:38; 26. Isabel Castro, Kod, 25:45; 27. Jessica Shields, Kod, 25:54; 28. Abrea Stoltz, WV, 26:00; 29. Olivia Rivera, Kod, 26:19; 30. Jewel Hediger, WV, 26:54; 31. Makenna Johansen, WV, 26:55; 32. Catherine Wolk, Sky, 27:25; 33. Patty Eagan, WV, 27:39; 34. Haylee Vroman, Sky, 27:42; 35. Brittany Hollers, Sky, 27:43; 36. Abby Cook, Sky, 28:19; 37. Alexa Stewart, Kod, 28:35; 38. Zeanna Savok, Kotz, 28:48; 39. Tanesha Lie, Kotz, 29:36; 40. Sara Ozenna, Kotz, 30:08; 41. Kanesha Lie, Kotz, 31:45; 42. Ember Eck, Kotz, 31:46; 43. Claire Isrealson, Kod, 31:52; 44. Courtney Hildreth, Kod, 31:52; 44. Courtney Hildreth, Kotz, 33:08; 45. Margaret Norton, Kotz, 34:48; 46. Brenda Castonguay, Kod, 40:26.

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