Kodiak Daily Mirror - New ride provider a hit at festival
New ride provider a hit at festival
by Julie Herrmann
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A girl clings to the bucking salmon, one of the
rides provided by Tons of Fun Entertainment,
at the 2014 Crab Festival in May.
A girl clings to the bucking salmon, one of the rides provided by Tons of Fun Entertainment, at the 2014 Crab Festival in May.
Attendees enjoyed this year’s Crab Fest and enjoyed the rides provided by Tons of Fun Entertainment, according to survey results recently published by the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce.

The results indicated that people may have had low expectations for the festival because Golden Wheel Amusements did not bring the carnival rides that have long been a staple.

Over half of the people surveyed, 64 percent, said Crab Fest was either “a great deal better” or “somewhat better” than they were expecting, while 27 percent said it was about what they were expecting and nine percent said it was “somewhat” or “a great deal” worse.

“We put it out there to the community and had posters and Facebook and social media things saying what Tons of Fun is, but I think people didn’t really know what to expect, thinking they were not going to be as fun,” said Crab Fest manager and Chamber of Commerce community relations director Summer Wood. “I think it really changed people’s minds once they got there and got to see the kids actually enjoying themselves.”

The Chamber also asked whether attendees wanted Golden Wheel or Tons of Fun for the 2015 Crab Fest. More than two-thirds of people, 69 percent, said they wanted Tons of Fun next year.

A random selection of 38 comments by survey-takers was included with the results. A number of the commenters were concerned about not having very many activities for teens and older age groups.

“Happily surprised, although I would suggest some rides/activities that offer a bit more excitement for older kids (teens),” said one commenter. A teenager said, “Most activities were geared toward younger kids and not teens like me. However, I did enjoy three of the activities!”

Wood said the Chamber of Commerce will be working with Tons of Fun again next year, and they are currently working out a contract.

She said Tons of Fun is planning to bring more things next year geared toward older kids. In addition, she said older kids and adults could do many of the rides available at this year’s Crab Festival.

“People also said, ‘More things for adults,’ but a lot of those things adults could do, you just didn’t see many adults on them,” Wood said.

Several of the comments mentioned high prices as a concern, while a few said it was more affordable than in the past.

In reference to booth prices, Wood said those prices have not gone up in years. As far as ticket prices, Wood said people should base the price on how many minutes are given per ride, not how much it costs per ticket.

“Most of the rides from Golden Wheel were about a minute long, if that,” Wood said. “So if it’s, say, seven tickets for a minute, but some of these things Tons of Fun had gave them five minutes for seven tickets.”

Overall, people seemed to enjoy the festival. Eighty-four percent said they were “extremely” or “somewhat” satisfied with this year’s Crab Fest. Nine percent said they were “somewhat” or “extremely” dissatisfied and six percent said they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

Wood said they have not done a survey before and did one this year to help figure out whether to use Tons of Fun next year.

The Chamber of Commerce’s Crab Fest survey is still going on, although it’s expected to close soon. Wood said about 200 people have taken the survey.

Contact Julie Herrmann at jherrmann@kodiakdailymirror.com.

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