Kodiak Daily Mirror - Enforce leash laws designate area for running free
Enforce leash laws, designate area for running free
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To the editor:

I would like to take the opportunity to encourage all residents to attend the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting on Jan. 5 at 7 p.m. in the Baranof Park office to discuss the leash law ordinance. I have voiced my concerns regarding this matter previously and have yet to receive results. Many are unaware of the leash law due to the lack of signage.

Many non-dog walkers find themselves having to carry bear spray or a large walking stick in order to protect themselves from roaming dogs. In some cases the owners are within verbal distance of their dog, however there are cases when the owner is not even within eyesight of the animal.

A dog owner may imply their dog is friendly and harmless, however a gentle demeanor should not overrule a law. Being a kind and gentle person does not allow for an individual to break a law. Why should the same rule not apply to a leash law? Out of consideration for those with dog phobias, families with small children or owners with smaller and timid dogs, every dog should be leashed.

I understand the owners desire to let their animal be free and happy while on a walk, however their enjoyment should not take away from the enjoyment of others. I highly suggest strict enforcement of the leash laws, as well as arranging for an enjoyable area for responsible owners to unleash their animals. Providing them with a specific area would benefit not only the dogs, but those who wish to not to be in the company of unleashed animals.

LaToya Lukin
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