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Bouncing back
by Derek Clarkston / sports@kodiakdailymirror.com
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Kodiak’s Carole Lampl sets the ball during a high school volleyball match Sept. 30 against Skyview at Kodiak High School. (Derek Clarkston photo)
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KODIAK — Two years ago, Carole Lampl thought her athletic career was over.

As a sophomore, Lampl was playing in a Kodiak girls basketball junior varsity game. She jumped for a pass and came down awkwardly on her right knee.

“I went to go do something before I even caught (the ball) and my knee collapsed,” Lampl said.

She remembers being carried to the opposing team’s bench to have it looked at by their team doctor. Kodiak’s varsity coach Brett Larsen was by her side.

“Brett was holding onto me and I was like, ‘I’m not going to be able to finish. I’m not going to be able to finish the season. I’m not going to be able to play anymore,’” Lampl said.

Lampl ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament and her lateral collateral ligament was pulled away from the bone. Also, during surgery surgeons found something wrong with her meniscus.

She had never been in as much pain in her young life. But, what was even more painful was the fact she couldn’t play anymore.

“It is just really hard for me to sit there and watch,” Lampl said. “I hate just sitting and watching. I have to be doing something or I just feel kind of useless.”

She was told by doctors not to do anything for the next six months after the surgery.

That didn’t set very well with Lampl. With that time frame the recovery process would be cutting into her junior volleyball season, a sport she fell in love with when she started playing in eighth grade.

Not getting to finish the basketball season was tough, but she couldn’t bare the thought of not getting to play volleyball.

She had already missed some of her freshman volleyball season due to a sprain on the same knee.

Lampl pushed herself to a faster recovery. Two months after the surgery she was playing basketball again.

“My grandma was so mad at me,” she said. “I came back from basketball one day and she is like, ‘How come you are so sweaty?’”

Instead of just shooting, Lampl played a game.

From that point on she began sprinting and playing volleyball.

“I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to make it and that is one of the reasons why I started working out a lot earlier,” Lampl said.

Lampl was back on the court for her junior season and now is one of eight seniors who are leading Kodiak into the final two weeks of the regular season with an 8-2 record, 5-1 in the Northern Lights Conference.

“She has worked to overcome any limitations that her injuries have given her,” Kodiak coach Amy Willis said. “She just wants to go until she has nothing left to give. You can’t ask for more that that with athletes.

“It makes my job harder because you don’t want them to push themselves past that point, but at the same time your team appreciates it.”

Last week, Lampl was voted onto the Grace Invitational all-tournament team as a setter.

Lampl said she enjoys setting because she controls the play.

“It is not easy, but nothing is ever really super easy,” she said. “It is always going to be hard and you have to work at it. The think I like about setting is you always have to work at it.”

That mentality might explain how she was able to recover so quickly from an ACL tear.

There are days that her knee still throbs, but she fights through it.

“Sometimes I go to turn and it will pull a little bit,” Lampl said.

While playing she wears a bulky knee brace, which is a reminder of the challenge she overcame.

“She never gives less than 100 percent,” Willis said, “even when she is not feeling well or battling an injury.”

Contact Mirror writer Derek Clarkston at sports@kodiakdailymirror.com.
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