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Thunder Mt. girls No. 1
The 4A girls basketball classification has a new team on top of the rankings. Sitting at 6-1, Thunder Mountain replaced West Valley in this week’s Alaska Association of Basketball Coaches poll, released Wednesday. The Falcons, a Southeast Conference team, soared to the top with their second-place...
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The Floyd field
BOYS East Anchorage The Thunderbirds out of the Cook Inlet Conference come to Kodiak with a 2-2 record. East owns victories over Juneau-Douglas (76-61) and Kodiak (75-43) and has lost to Barrow (83-64) and Service (54-48). East finished fifth at last year’s state tournament and now features forme...
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AUV slices through chilly waters of Kodiak Island
A long, slender, yellow shape silently slices through the chilly waters of Karluk Lake on Kodiak Island. Is it a torpedo? Some type of missile? No! It is a YSI Ecomapper autonomous underwater vehicle, affectionately known as the AUV. She is a revolutionary tool for efficiently collecting geo-refe...
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Kodiak police seek public's help in locating wanted man
SUSPECT: Brandon E. Timpke DESCRIPTORS: 24-year-old Caucasian male, 5 feet 10 inches tall, 185 pounds, blond hair, blue eyes FELONY ARREST WARRANT: A $5,000 warrant has been issued for violating probation. Timpke is a convicted drug dealer and he is known to carry firearms. He is considered armed...
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Council talks with Stevens, Stutes about budget issues
The Kodiak City Council heard from the Kodiak area’s state legislative officials, discussed the elected official travel policy, and conducted interviews with candidates for open positions on two boards at Tuesday’s work session. First up on the agenda was a talk with Sen. Gary Stevens and Rep.-el...
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A tour of the new Kodiak High School
Sophomore Michael Ramos calls the new Kodiak High School building beautiful. “I like it because everything is covered,” he said. He was talking about the roof. In the northern Philippine school where he came from five years ago, he said, the basketball court had no roof. KHS started the spring se...
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Write a new story – Alaska’s fiscal sustainability
As Alaskans we pride ourselves on our rugged individuality. In certain unfortunate situations, that individuality manifests as an inability to compromise, or worse yet, to form partnerships and find solutions. With the recent and steady advent of lower oil prices, we find ourselves in the unusual...
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Kodiakans must speak loudly about borough code replacement
There are those who think the Kodiak Island Borough Code is old and outdated. If you are one of them, then move to where you have the restriction that is best suited for you. Currently this is still a semi-free country. So, instead of trying to make me — and my friends — live in your type of soci...
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