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Mike Rostad
Tapestry: Gerald Chichenoff returns to childhood home
Home is a place that brings out the kid in you, no matter what the age. Recently visiting Kodiak with his wife, Arva, 80-year-old Gerald Chichenoff recalled going to his boyhood haunts, sledding toward the beach and walking through a stream in town that was so thick with salmon, that he kicked th...
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Frontier Baptist Church hosts ‘Gathering’
Quiet neighborhoods in old Kodiak on Sunday morning meant that the residents were in church – not in bed. After church, they enjoyed a Sunday dinner, often with guests, napped, visited, took a ride and by six o’clock, they grabbed their Bibles and headed back to sanctuary for Sunday evening servi...
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Alaskan Leader Foundation gives back to the community
It could be said that Rob Wurm is the epitome of the successful Alaska fisherman. He came to Kodiak as a young man, worked his tail off as a crewman on big boats, proving that hard work and determination can go a long way. Just when he was about ready to capitalize on a lucrative king crab fisher...
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Tapestry: Leonard Helgason will be remembered as friend, mentor
Leonard Helgason thought the world of Tiger Lew. Nicknamed for his exotic hunting experiences in far-off places, Lew was a popular man in the village of Afognak, where he settled down. He gave candy to the kids and, better yet, told them funny, exciting stories. But one Christmas long ago, Tiger ...
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Baptist leads Lutheran worship
What’s a Baptist boy doing in a Lutheran church on Sunday morning? Leading worship, of course. For two years, Seth Minyard, son of a Baptist pastor, has been leading the congregation of St. Paul Lutheran Church in praise songs, playing his guitar for accompaniment. Seth grew up singing in the pra...
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Tapestery: Jack Bennett found his voice on radio
“I’ve always had a big voice and needed an audience, so becoming a DJ was a natural,” said Jack Bennett, a familiar face and voice in Kodiak for more than 35 years. His relaxed, amiable voice has interacted with pleasant and irate (and irritable) callers on KVOK’s Hotline and talk shows; and has ...
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Boston trip eye opener for Kodiak youth
Youth from the Kodiak Bible Chapel went to Boston and found dilapidated houses and cluttered lawns in middle class neighborhoods; they handed out granola bars and gift cards in a region of America where Paul Revere alerted the Colonial militia of the approach of British forces; where demonstrator...
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Ti Kenese fished with the best
As Ti Kenese talks about fishing, he sounds like a seasoned skipper who gets nostalgic for the bygone era when the profession was more exciting and rewarding. “I did it all,” he said. He fished blue, brown and red crab, baradai, opilio in waters off the Aleutian, Pribilov and St. Matthew Islands;...
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