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Alutiiq Word of the Week: Laundry
Iqa’iat - Laundry (plural) Nukallpiat iqa’ineq pingaktaan’tat. - Men don’t like to do laundry. The Alutiiq word for laundry comes from the word for dirt, iqaq, and literally means “dirties.” Anyone with a family knows that laundry is a never-ending chore, but in the days before modern washers and...
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Tapestry: Burnetts fondly recall Uganda trip
Rafting the Nile River was the perfect father-and-son field trip for John and Caleb Burnett. They had been volunteering in Jinja, Uganda, where John’s brother-in-law heads the Global Theological Seminary and now they were enjoying the challenges of paddling the longest river in the world. But the...
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Island Flavor: Farmers Market satisfies with homegrown goodness
Where can you get fresh salad greens, fireweed ice cream and mango chutney served by a girl in a zebra costume? At the Kodiak Farmers’ Market, of course. It isn’t your typical lunch setting, but it’s the best place in town for a midday meal on Saturdays. The food is as fresh as it comes. The atmo...
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In the Courts: Aug. 16
Dismissals • Counts of violating conditions of release, disorderly conduct and two counts of fourth-degree assault against Johnathan Hammon, 42, were dismissed July 23. • One count of first-degree burglary against Ronald Singleton, 60, was dismissed Aug. 5. Assault • Johnathan Hammon, 42, pleaded...
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Amazing Nature: Statues come alive under water
Summer is waning, and preparations for the coming school year are in full swing. I will offer my first Kodiak College class this fall, and since it is a brand new class, I have spent hours this summer anticipating and preparing. The class is called “introduction to marine science through experime...
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Auditions for M*A*S*H approaching
Kodiak directors are looking for a cast of around 30 men and women to participate in the fall community theater production “M*A*S*H.” “M*A*S*H,” which stands for mobile army surgical hospital, is set during the Korean War. The play follows the comic adventures of two chest surgeons in South Korea...
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Teams ready for Eco Challenge
Seventeen teams will navigate around the Emerald Isle Saturday as part of the Coast Guard’s annual Eco Challenge race. The race, in its 11th year, is a mystery to participants. Teams get clues at each checkpoint that reveal their next destination. The event begins at 8 a.m. at a location that wil...
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Sports weekend calandar
Kodiak youths will get a chance to showcase their skills in two different sports on Saturday. At 10 a.m., the Kodiak Elk Lodge is holding its annual soccer shoot at the Baranof Ice Rink. The event is for boys and girls under age 13. The event is free, and each participant receives a soccer ball. ...
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