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Kodiak taxi driver’s killer gets 77 years
A man who murdered a Kodiak cab driver in 1997 over $7 was sentenced in Anchorage to 77 years in prison after his February 2015 convictions on drug-trafficking conspiracy, kidnapping and firearm charges, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. Phosavan Khamnivong, a.k.a. “P.K.,” was 17 when he was convi...
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‘The Odyssey’ challenges Kodiak youths
About 20 Kodiak students took on the challenge of producing the epic poem “The Odyssey” as a play over just three weeks of rehearsals. One of the Kodiak Arts Council’s Sum’Arts camps for kids taught by Michelle Griffin, Curtain Call gives students in 5th through 10th grade the responsibility to m...
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Details emerge in close-quarters pistol shooting of 1,000-pound bear in Kodiak
The Kodiak homeowner who used a revolver to shoot and kill a 9-foot, 1000-pound bear was about 15 meters or 49 feet away from the animal when it charged toward him, forcing him to open fire, a biologist said. After receiving five rounds of .44-Magnum ammunition, the bear stopped about 3 meters, l...
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Matt Success
By DEREK CLARKSTON Mirror Writer If Nolan Wandersee’s parents had it their way, he wouldn’t have wrestled in high school. In their eyes, wrestling is a sport littered with injuries. Nolan had his share of bumps and bruises, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream — wrestling in college. ...
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Bill Bissett remembers rancher Omar Stratman
The late Omar Stratman was a quiet man, recalls his ranch hand, Bill Bissett. The two drove from Kodiak to Omar’s ranch at Pasagshak, some 30 miles away, without Omar uttering a single word. Omar had few words to share with strangers and even those who worked closely with him. But with his tender...
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Everyone gets an invitation to heaven
Hunkered down at Monk’s Rock Coffee Shop on a rainy day (t’s about time it rained again! whew! the salmon need it!), I am reflecting on salvation, as I munch on a bagel with hummus. Both are homemade. Mmm. Probably not the salvation. In fact, if there’s one thing I am certain of, it is that salva...
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Tools and Tips for foraging success
People have been stopping me around town in the middle of my errands, like, you know, shoveling seaweed and buying shotgun shells, to ask questions about foraging. Most of the queries regard what resources I use and how to correctly identify plants. Curiosity and timidity make sense. As a nation ...
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Former Kodiak resident releases bio-medical thriller set in Afognak
DAILY MIRROR REPORT MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Run. Fight. Die. Those are your options. In James Rains new thriller, “Afognak” is under attack from an unknown and deadly force. The citizens must decide on a plan of attack to survive. Rains’ writing style will mesmerize the reader, while his research wi...
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