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Week in Words: Singing the way to softer, gentler platform
49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem as a protest against the current state of race relations in the U.S. has stoked all sorts of responses to the purpose of the tradition (it is a tradition, not a mandate), and to the anthem itself. “Anthem” comes from t...
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Ruhl snags island golf title
How did Darin Ruhl celebrate after winning his first major golf title? By playing another round of golf, of course. For those who know Ruhl, it was the perfect way to cap the weekend for the 10-year Kodiak resident who topped the leaderboard of the 30th Kodiak Island Golf Championship Sunday at t...
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GUEST OPINION: All nonprofits worthy, but funds short
This past Thursday’s borough assembly meeting produced mixed results, at least insofar as two major issues were concerned. The first of these was the assembly’s nonprofit organization funding for 2017 that slashed 40 percent off the previous year’s funding. Nonprofit funding has been discussed at...
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More crossings could have guards
Early morning drivers saw Captain America at the intersection of Rezanof Drive and Benny Benson Avenue on Tuesday, as the comic book hero ensured the safety of children making their way to East Elementary for the first day of school. But that corner and some others that get heavy foot traffic mig...
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Crewmember charges negligence
In an ongoing lawsuit filed in July 2013, an Anchorage man alleges the owner and skipper of a King Cove fishing vessel should have known that a crewmember was not fit for work. According to court documents in the case brought against the fishing vessel Desirae Dawn, owner and skipper Rudy Dushkin...
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Diesel company to staff local shop continuously
Cummins Sales and Service is increasing its presence in Kodiak to have constant technicians here to answer demand. Cummins, an Indiana-based diesel engine manufacturer, is leasing building space on Near Island and will fly in technicians who will rotate out every week or two, said Geoff Conrad, d...
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Kathleen Wischer
Kathleen Wischer, 68, passed away at her home on July 3, 2016, after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. She was attended by her husband Thom, her son Adam and daughter Lynsey. Kathy was first and foremost a teacher. She arrived in Kodiak in 1971 and went to work for the Kodiak Island Bor...
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City gives final approval on election information ordinance
The Kodiak City Council unanimously approved the second reading of an ordinance on potential public information campaigns for two ballot propositions on the October 4 municipal ballot. The ordinance does not allocate additional funds, but lays the groundwork to allow council, should it later choo...
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