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Teeing Off: An end to the season
I’m back. You probably didn’t even realize I was gone. Kudos to Drew Herman for doing such a bang-up job while I played taxi driver to 11 teenage baseball players in Anchorage. I’m now ready for a vacation to recoup from vacation. The dogs — Gizmo and Pepper Jack — certainly knew I was gone. They missed their extended walks during the 10 days I was out-of-town finishing up the American Legion baseball season. This...
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TEEING OFF: A pup reunion
Gizmo had a surprise family reunion this past week. While walking the pups through the Safeway parking lot, a person in a car flagged us down. I thought the nice lady wanted a pawgraph from the prognosticating pooch. I was wrong. She and another lady sprang out of the car. Trotting alongside them was a black and white Japanese chin, Snoopy. Gizmo’s tail went wild, which was odd because the pup’s tail hardly ever p...
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Teeing Off: A Super Bowl therapy session with Gizmo
Surprisingly, the Clarkston household has handled Seattle’s devastating Super Bowl XLIX defeat pretty good. The carton of ice cream I purchased after the game is still half full and Gizmo is starting to get pep in his step. In the seven stages of grief, I’ve zoomed all the way to the last stage of acceptance, while Gizmo is at the fifth stage of upward turn. For those 12s still coping with defeat, the pup and I wi...
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Teeing Off: Gizmo's picks puts him on the naughty list
It’s Christmas time and Gizmo is on my naughty list. How did he get there you ask? Well, let me tell you. I thought the pup was a Seattle Seahawks fan, that was until Thursday afternoon when he made his Week 14 NFL picks. Gizmo did the unthinkable and predicted the 9-3 Philadelphia Eagles to beat the 8-4 Seahawks in what will be a huge NFC battle Sunday afternoon in the city of Brotherly Love. When he grabbed the ...
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Teeing Off: A list of what Gizmo is thankful for
Since Thanksgiving was a day ago, it makes sense to turn this into a column full of thanks. What did you expect? An investigative piece on the proper way to cook a turkey. According to San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, it is all about the texture of the turkey. I tend to gravitate more toward flavor. Gizmo doesn’t have a preference. Gizzy — the family nickname for the pup — spent his first Thanksgiving in th...
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Teeing off: ‘Flames’ will always be remembered
It’s been several years since my last column — Teeing Off — appeared in the sports section of the Kodiak Daily Mirror. I didn’t want my return to come like this, but it is. A few weeks ago, Kodiak lost a young ballplayer, one who I had the pleasure of coaching the last two seasons. Everybody knows the tragedy by now. Rex Matautia, a rising Kodiak High School freshman with a promising athletic career, drowned in La...
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