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Tennis team practices on new surface
Kodiak High School’s tennis team started practice this week with a sparkling new surface to play on. One of the two courts at Baranof Park was recently resurfaced and painted as part of the Baranof Park Improvement Project, a multimillion-dollar project that also included a new track and artificial turf on the football and baseball fields Due to time constraints, the second court will be resurfaced next summer. “W...
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KEA chief mechanic helps electrical consumers in South Sudan
The American visitor did not know the words of the songs, and, because of a speech defect, the Sudanese boy could not sing them. So they hummed the hymns, as they sat in the hot parking lot that Sunday morning. Randy Erickson, the American, was so moved by the experience that, if he had learned that the only reason he was meant to travel to South Sudan was to meet the boy, he would have gone home satisfied. But on...
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In the Courts: Aug. 8
Daniel P. Gonzalez pleaded guilty to driving under the influence. Gonzalez was sentenced to 33 days in jail (30 suspended) and fined $3,000 ($1,500 suspended) and had his license revoked for 90 days and ordered to use an ignition interlock device for six months after getting his license back and ordered to comply with recommendations for alcohol/substance abuse screening and placed on probation for one year. Dwayn...
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Parks and Rec: Aug. 8 – Aug. 15
Aug. 8 – Aug. 15 Co-Ed Slowpitch softball Sunday, Aug. 10 Baranof 3 p.m. — Revoloters v. Walks of Shame 4 p.m. — L-Throw v. Revolters 5:15 p.m. — The Brewers v. Saved by the Balls Monday, Aug. 11 Baranof 6 p.m. — Revolters v. Ball Busters 7:15 p.m. — Walks of Shame v. St Innocents Tuesday, Aug. 12 Baranof 6 p.m. — Play Ball v. Saved by the Balls 7:15 p.m. — St Innocents v. Saved by the Balls Wednesday, Aug. 13 Bar...
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Knowledge is precious
To the Editor, Has anyone else noticed that our salmon berries look deformed? A friend mentioned this. In fact, the last time I picked enough for a snack, I wondered, “Is this the last time?” At our annual picnic, a fisherman from Quzinke, said that about 80 percent of the salmon berries looked like that. He said that the fish have sores, with patches and chunks missing. Also there are crecos cleaning our beaches....
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Election time brings out the best in people
To Editor: Thank you. First for printing the letters. It’s like old times again. With elections coming up, words will be full of fire. That’s the way it should be for a Free American. Freedom of speech. Article No. 1 also gives people ideas they have not thought about plus opinions. The opinions are important in our culture. It stops intimidation by the bullying type of people and stops cliques from taking over on...
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Legislators weigh in on oil tax referendum
The discussion around oil tax reform and Ballot Measure 1 has benefitted from many informed and passionate voices from across the state. As women who serve in the Legislature and who voted for the bill that created our new tax policy, we want to lend a unique perspective on why we voted to pass Senate Bill 21 and why we will vote NO on 1 this August. The Alaska State Legislature is currently blessed with more wome...
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Austerman values all people
To the Editor: I was born and raised in Kodiak and Afognak. I am the eldest of eight children of the late Pete and Nina Olsen, six of us still reside in Kodiak along with our children and grandchildren. Our extended family is in Cordova. I’m writing this letter in support of Carol Austerman who is running for State House of Representatives. I have known Carol since she was a young child. When Carol was the busines...
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Begich visits Kodiak and opens temporary office
Senator Mark Begich, who is running for re-election, visited Kodiak on Wednesday to meet with local groups and open a campaign office that will stay for the rest of the election season. The office, located on 202 Center Avenue, has two small rooms, and more than 40 people crowded into it to hear Begich officially open the office and make a short speech. Begich mentioned veteran’s affairs, the re-authorization of t...
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Troopers and police chase down stolen vehicle
A woman stole a running vehicle and took off with police and troopers chasing on Wednesday morning. A Facebook post from a joint account with the name Dottie N Curtis Howell said the truck belonged to Curtis Howell and he had left it running while dropping their daughters off at the Kodiak Baptist Mission. “I was dropping my daughters off at daycare, and I walked in to sign them in and turned around and some lady ...
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